Friday, September 8

More Greed 

The Washington Post tells us:

"Walter Anderson, who made millions during the tech boom, admits to hiding more than $350M in income from tax collectors."

What a nice rich man. He didn't want to pay his share, and was greedy. Which led to crime.

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Monday, July 10

Lay Went to an Island 

Everyone was waiting for the open casket to see that the very wealthy criminal hadn't simply run away to a remote location, like a former Nazi might do. Well, they had the funeral and the casket was closed. He wasn't there. So says the AP
"Inside, there was a picture of Lay at the altar, flanked by sprays of sunflowers, according to Shelby Hodge, a writer for the Houston Chronicle who stepped inside and was swiftly escorted out."

Really, now. We have had no proof of this criminal's death, other than the word of people we don't know. And he wasn't seen at his funeral. Closed caskets are for messy deaths - open ones are for simple things, like his alleged heart attack.

The other option is that perhaps he blew his brains out, and hence no one can see him.

Which is it, Lay family? Troubled man and suicide or rich runaway?

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Wednesday, July 5

Money Leads to Death of Rich Fraudster 

The Washington Post says a very rich person is now dead:
"The recently convicted and former Enron CEO Kenneth L. Lay, 64, died early today near Aspen, Colorado, a family spokeswoman said."

Presumably it was because
"On Friday, federal prosecutors asked a judge to order Lay and former fellow Enron Corp. executive Jeffrey K. Skilling to turn over $182.2 million in assets, arguing that their homes and other assets were acquired by fraud.

Ouch. That would give me a heart attack.

Lucky for most of us that we don't ever have to worry about a judge demanding $182 million from us. We're safe.

Other rich fraudsters, take note.

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Friday, June 16

Billionaire's Son Charged With Burglary 

We don't make this up. Rich people are bad news say the AP:
"An accused burglar whom police say they found groggy and hiding under a table in a fly fishing shop last weekend has been identified as the son of billionaire oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens."

No, no. He's a criminal all by himself. It's isn't that he's just related to a billionaire:

Last year, Pickens was indicted by a grand jury for fraud, deceit and manipulation of federal laws. Arraigned last year, he was set free on $500,000 bond under a promise to appear for future court dates and not violate the law.

The judge wants to speak with him about this burglary and table hiding-under.

The rest of us want the rich criminals to stop and free up some of the cash they are stealing for better use.

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Thursday, June 15

Rich Guy To Give Away All His Money 

Time for some good news, eh?

Tired of copying Apple and admitting defeat, the world's richest man plans to give it all away. This is clearly a good thing, and will prevent him from going to jail. IGN tells us:
"Gates founded Microsoft 30 years ago with childhood friend Paul Allen. Of course, the company -- and the man -- saw enormous success since. Gates is listed by Forbes as the world's richest man -- his estimated worth is around $50 billion -- though he still intends to give most of his fortune to charity."

It isn't easy for a rich guy to do this. It's going to take him two years to change jobs, from taker to giver.

It should be a lesson for everyone with money - give it away as soon as you can.

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Sunday, May 21

Rich Guy Takes Bribes 

The Washingto Post says:
"Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-La.), the target of a 14-month public corruption probe, was videotaped accepting $100,000 in $100 bills from a Northern Virginia investor who was wearing an FBI wire, according to a search warrant affidavit released yesterday.

A few days later, on Aug. 3, 2005, FBI agents raided Jefferson's home in Northeast Washington and found $90,000 of the cash in the freezer, in $10,000 increments wrapped in aluminum foil and stuffed inside frozen-food containers, the document said."

Aren't you supposed to put the bodies in the freezer?

Anyway, another example of how money leads to crime. He could have stopped when he had enough, but he was greedy and wanted more. Like most rich people. Never thinking that the money could be going to good.

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Monday, May 15

Rich Kid Starting Down Wrong Path 

The NY Times tells us that a wealthy student is in trouble with the law:
"Dave Forker Evans, a team captain who lived in the house where a black woman says she was sexually assaulted by three white players during a party in March, was charged with rape, first-degree sexual offense and kidnapping.... Mr. Evans, 23, is from Washington D.C. and is the son of a lawyer and a lobbyist, according to news reports."

See, when raised in a culture of greed and wealth, the kids go bad. They think they have the right to do whatever they want, because of their wealth and power.

Rich parents need to start raising their kids better. First thing would be to cut them off entirely from any money whatsoever. Make them learn the value of a dollar. Get a job, learn what the rest of us learn - to get along.

Unfortunately, rich parents think that they need to pass along their ill-gotten gains to offspring who are underserving. And that leads to trouble.

One would think that the son of a D.C. lawyer would understand the law. Unfortunately, his lawerly parent has negelected to provide a proper upbringing if the story is true.

How sad, and predictable. Money is at the root of all evil, yet theu persist in getting more. One can only assume that they want more evil.

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