Saturday, October 18


When George W. Bush was a child, he got everything he wanted.  His father
got him into Phillips Andover Academy - the finest, most elite (now
coeducational) school in the country.  George (Class of '64) Bush wasn't
the only famous person to attend Phillips.  Paul "Jerry" Bremer (Class of
'59) is also a graduate.  George W. got into Yale, got into the Texas Air
National Guard (even though there was a waiting list of thousands, George
got in with the help of Senator Bush, his father).  George got into the
MBA Program at Harvard University.  He got to have his own oil company,
and later he got to own the Texas Rangers.  Then he got to be Governor of
Texas.  And pretty soon George got to be President of the United States.  
Earlier this year he got to have his own war in Iraq.  And now this war is
going terribly wrong.  We're losing 4 U.S. soldiers a day it seems as well
as 10 wounded per day.  The oil isn't flowing as planned, and George's
Vice President Cheney wants Halliburton to get paid off immediately.  So
George is upset by all this questioning of his demand for $87 billion.  
And he got his way yesterday when Congress - to the dismay of millions of
tax-paying Americans who called their Congressmembers to not give George
the money - overwhelmingly gave George everything that he wanted.

Instead of burning oil wells this Christmas, George is burning U.S. tax
dollars In Iraq.

How many of you today think that the U.S. corporations like Halliburton
really are going to rebuild Iraq?  Especially just once?  

This is long-term.  It's going to be bombed, burned down, and destroyed
repeatedly and our money must pay for further destruction.   Or else there
will be a terrible scene in the White House.  A temper tantrum of
tremendous proportions.  Every seen a spoiled child not get what it wants?

Congress, whom we elected (that means us), had better be careful.  We're
very very close to creating a spoiled rotten lying brat for a President.

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Thursday, October 16

More Leaks 

It has been leaked that the president "told his top officials to "stop the leaks" to the media, or else" according to a senior administration official who asked that his name not be used.

This is simply brilliant, you see? By leaking that the leaks must not be leaked, the leaker leaked that the president was not lacking luck in locating leakers and leakees in leakgate, nor was he lacking leak leadership ... but was likely to be looking for leakers if they leak unlikeable leakables. He has heard that leaks are bad, my friends, and will not tolerate them ever again, according to the leak.

This is another part of the strategy. Leak more things. Lots of things. Implicate more people. Especially the press. They'll keep quiet. They won't say anything. They don't want a career as a hard-hitting journalist. They want a prime time slot in a prime time event.

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Wednesday, October 15

Bush Says He's Defensive, Doomed 

When asked about declining poll numbers recently, our puppet in chief (I say that lovingly - we like having someone malleable who doesn't want to actually do anything that might interfere with our plans), Bush, on the defensive, defended himself defensively:

"There was a poll that showed me going up yesterday, not to be on the defensive," he said in an interview with Australia's Channel 9 television.

The "going up" that he defended was a blip that was within a margin of error in a poll that otherwise showed support for the administration dropping once again. A tiny fraction that only an astute poll watcher would see as significant.

Not letting it drop, Bush continued to analyze the negative polls that show a majority of people disagreeing and unhappy with his economic plan, his jobs plan, his taxation plan, his foreign affairs, his environmental record, his education plan, his energy plan, and his handling of all issues he's touched.

Bush offerred his own assessment of the most recent poll numbers.

"Actually I'm in pretty good shape politically, I really am. I didn't mean to sound defensive. But I am."

(Reminder: Bush's only news, and stage direction, comes from his staff).

Bush elaborated on paying attention to the most recent poll results, released just hours before his statements, and boldly asserted for the first time that he was, in fact, doomed:

"Politicians, by the way, who pay attention to the polls are doomed, trying to chase opinion when what you need to do is lead, set the tone."

Note to White House: you can shut him up until next year's election is over. We can't risk having our chosen one going around saying he is doomed because he is watching the polls. Stop showing him poll numbers. Tell him he has 100% support. That's all he needs to know. Really.

If you can't, we may have to install someone new.

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Tuesday, October 14

What's the Rush? 

Ah, Rush Limbaugh. He used to be so useful to our side. Now he committed the greatest sin of all... getting caught. That shows a lack of professionalism. Anyone worth their evil salt would be able to get away with anything for as long as they like. Rush's maid was able to bring him down. That's just sloppy on his part.

Oh, sure, we could protect him. Maybe we'll try that, and let him come back on the air after his "rehab" to tell his always-popular-with-Americans story of his fall, then rise from that fall. Jim Baker did it well, so perhaps it will work.

Still, he has lost something that had given him the edge. His moral superiority. Now he's just a white trash pill popping drug addict like everyone else.

I often think that children know who they are and what they will become by an early age. Take a look at what Rush was like, according to his mom:

Limbaugh’s own mother remarked on his somewhat passive-aggressive reticence as a child. Little Rush was “very quiet,” his mother, Millie, told the Southeast Missourian, a newspaper. At Halloween, “he really didn’t care much for trick or treating. He would rather stay at home. I found he was upstairs and he’d have water balloons. Sometimes when the little children would leave, he would drop them down.”

There is the truth, unfortunately. Rush is just a nasty, mean person at heart. He spins a good yarn and is entertaining to his fans, but it is mean entertainment spewed by a person in terrible pain. He is no longer of use to us.

Rest assurred, we are still going strong. Just because Rush is down, O'Reilly has revealed himself to be a fool, Michael "Weiner" Savage was thrown off the air, a new "liberal" network is in the works, Bush's poll numbers are the worst ever, and the top ten lists of books purchased are dominated by works by populist, progressive, left-leaning authors - that doesn't mean we need to worry. We'll just return to controlling you through fear for a while.

Did you hear, the son of Osama bin Laden is on the loose...

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Nothing New About Bush-Nazi Connection 

It's interesting how some stories that seem so verifiable go unverified for so long. That is the case with the story of the Bush-Nazi connection, which has existed as an 'Internet conspiracy' story for a number of years, but has received no attention from the mainstream press even as Bush after Bush is elected to public office, including not one but two presidencies. According to this NH Gazette article, the story has been verified, from declassified documents in the National Archives and Library of Congress. Here's the story in a nutshell:
After 60 years of inattention and even denial by the U.S. media, newly-uncovered government documents in The National Archives and Library of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, served as a business partner of and U.S. banking operative for the financial architect of the Nazi war machine from 1926 until 1942, when Congress took aggressive action against Bush and his "enemy national" partners.

The documents also show that Bush and his colleagues, according to reports from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and FBI, tried to conceal their financial alliance with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who, beginning in the mid-1920s, personally funded Adolf Hitler's rise to power by the subversion of democratic principle and German law.

Furthermore, the declassified records demonstrate that Bush and his associates, who included E. Roland Harriman, younger brother of American icon W. Averell Harriman, and George Herbert Walker, President Bush's maternal great-grandfather, continued their dealings with the German industrial baron for nearly eight months after the U.S. entered the war.

You can read the rest here:
Bush-Nazi Connection Confirmed. In fact, you should check out the whole site -- it's pure 'live free or die' indy media.

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Monday, October 13


This is an excerpt from two identical letters written by two different soldiers and published in two different newspapers. Both letters appeared during the week of the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Both soldiers had allegedly served in Iraq for "five months", both were allegedly in the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Division, and in both cases the "majority of the city... welcomed our presence with open arms."

BOSTON GLOBE 9/14/2003



This parachute operation was the US Army's only combat jump of the war and opened up the northern front. Things have changed tremendously for our battalion since those first cold, wet weeks spent in Bashur. On April 10, our battalion conducted an attack south into the oil rich town of Kirkuk, the city that has since become our home away from home and the focus of our security and development efforts.

Kirkuk is a hot and dusty city of just over a million people. The majority of the city has welcomed our presence with open arms. After five months here, the people still come running from their homes into the 110-degree heat waving at us as our troops drive by on daily patrols of the city. Children smile and run up to shake hands, and in broken English shout, "thank you, mister." .....


Charleston Daily Mail (West Virginia)

Letter to the Editor


'The Rock' does fine in Kirkuk

The majority welcomes us with open arms

KIRKUK, Iraq - I have been serving in Iraq for over five months as a soldier with Company A, 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment, otherwise known as "The Rock." We entered the country at midnight on March 26. One thousand of my fellow soldiers and I parachuted from 10 jumbo jets (C-17s) onto a cold, muddy field in Northern Iraq.

The parachute operation was the Army's only combat jump in the war and opened up the northern front. Things have changed tremendously for our battalion since those first cold, wet weeks spent in the mountain city of Bashur. On April 10, our battalion conducted an attack south of Kirkuk, the city that has since become our home away from home and the focus of our security and development efforts.

Kirkuk is a hot and dusty city of just over a million people. The majority of the city has welcomed our presence with open arms. After nearly five months here, the people still come running from their homes into the 110-degree heat, waving to us as our troops drive by on daily patrols of the city. Children smile and run up to shake hands, and in their broken English, shout: "Thank you, mister.".....

Sgt. Grueser is from Poca.

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Newspapers sent same letter signed by different soldiers 

Newspapers around the country are reporting on the success of the invasion of Iraq. the only problem is they keep printing the same letter.

In the interest of keeping it fair, I've listed below the quotes from soldiers returning from Iraq, which appeared in the Washington Post on September 12, 2003.

Comments By Soldiers Returning from Iraq:

"We can't lose. We can't lose this. It'll all have been a waste. If we pull out now, I got blown up for nothing." (Staff Sgt. Ray B. Robinson)

"I was the duck." (Staff Sgt. Ray B. Robinson in reference to a carnival shooting gallery)

"There's nowhere else I can go in the Army. That's not going back over there." (Sgt. Jamie A. Betancourt)

"In Baghdad, I knew the Army wasn't for me." Sgt. Bortz

"We left right in time." (Capt. Darrin E. Theriault)

"Don't get me wrong. I love my family to death." (Staff Sgt. Jennifer M. Raichle)

"We have no patience for anybody." (Staff Sgt. Jennifer M. Raichle)

"I can't stand crowds." (Capt. James R. Lockridge)

"The first thing he asked me was, ‘Did you kill anyone?’ Then it was, ‘How did it feel?’ What kind of stupid thing is that to ask?" (Staff Sgt. Matthew E. Jordan)

“[I’m] less tolerant of stupid people. Stupid people doing stupid things." (Staff Sgt. Matthew E. Jordan)

"Sex." (returning soldier from Iraq when asked what was the first thing they wanted)

"Beer." (returning soldier from Iraq when asked what was the first thing they wanted)

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We're Gonna Say It's All Good 

By now you have heard that we have launched a multi-week campaign like no other in this administration. Yes, we're going to tell you, over and over again, for weeks, how great things are going in Iraq.

Never mind that it is all untrue, and that by lying about how it really is is more dangerous than coming clean. No, we have a vested interest in maintaining the charade, so here we go. And you will fall for it.

We'll parade all the senior adminstration officials (all 2,000) before the press. They'll feel so lucky to have an "exclusive" that they'll quickly fall in line and repeat our message, however untrue it may be. Gotta love the corporate-owned media. They always come through for us.

Laura is actually doing the best job for us. We've sent her to soothe Europe, and now we're going to unleash her here. She'll save us.

Did you hear? Terrorists may attack! Yup. They might. Any day now. Better leave it all to us.

Have you forgotten about us exposing a CIA agent? Risking national security for our own political gain? You haven't? Ack! OK, let's tell you a long story about how good Iraq is going, then. It is so absurd that you'll drop your other concerns and argue with us about this instead, and this won't lead to any, um, unfortunate eliminations of key staffers.

Did you like how we gave Condi a new job? None of you even noticed that the job we gave her was the one she was supposed to be doing already - overseeing the competing factions within the Pentagon and State Department. That went off so well from our perspective that we plan to offer the presidency to George W., the VP to Cheney, and force Rumsfeld to oversee the Pentagon! That should shake things up!

Finally, you noticed, of course, that we are now taking advice from opposition groups in Iran regarding the nuclear program there. This is a very successful strategy that we tried in Iraq - Chalabi, along with the INC (set up by a US PR firm in the early 90's), told us all about Saddam's overflowing cache of dangerous weapons ready to be used in a moments notice.

Nitpickers out there will insist that Chalabi was all wrong and nothing he said was true. Sure, we'll grant you that, but he gave us so much more. A raison d'etre! We never would have been able to get into Iraq without him and his fabulous stories. So why shouldn't we trust another opposition group? Besides, a war with Iran over nukes would get you all to stop whining about Iraq, and we could go back to simply questioning your patriotism and/or sanity.

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