Friday, October 24

We Care About You 

We really care about you. While we shift the burden of taxes from the wealthy to the working class (estate tax, dividend tax, and other wealth taxes), and decrease the amount of taxes corporations pay (now under 10% of all taxes), we do want to help you out.

That's why, today, we've decided to start anthrax cleanup at the contaminated post office.

You've forgotten the anthrax? It was way back in 2001, when we were heavily into frightening you as much as possible. We had these plans, see, that we had worked up while Clinton was in office. These plans were for a new world order. Our notes say that we needed "something like Pearl Harbor," though, to get people's attention and support.

Unfortunately, Russia was unavailable to be our normal enemy. We tried to provoke China into an incident that spring, by getting into their airspace and spying but they just brought us down and made us look like fools. Oh, if only they had shot the plane down! We could be having a war with China right now. That would be big.

We had to wait for another opportunity. Luckily, we were getting fed information that the World Trade Center, symbol of western capitalism, was again going to be attacked. We did everything we could to set things up so we would be caught off guard... ooops, the world's greatest military allowed attacks on their own soil. It worked.

Weren't you surprised when we had a thick, bound copy of the Patriot Act ready within hours? No. Many of you STILL haven't read it, and we're itchy to get Patriot II in operation to eliminate those pesky rights we forgot about in round one.

Weren't you surprised to see us find the (paper) passport of Mohammad Atta, pilot and terrorist, immediately after the plane exploded into a fireball, in the burning pile of flesh and rubble in the streets below. No? You are just stupid, aren't you?

The only remaining fear targets were the pesky senators that might slow us down or inject some doubt. We needed to frighten them, too. Good thing we manufacture biological weapons here in the U.S. so they are easy for us to obtain. Boo! Now leave your offices for a month, especially you leading Democratic Senators, while we, uh, clean them for you. Don't sweep for bugs after this, though! Please!

You recall how important and dangerous the anthrax was back then. Go ahead and guess why it took us until today, after years of post office employee union members complaining about their closed facility, to get in there and start cleaning their offices. No need to scare and disorient them? No need to get into their offices? No need to go through their files? Bingo! We can take our sweet time with this clean-up.

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Thursday, October 23


Now we must fight again for our democracy.

There's an American I know who's inspired me to become more politically active. He was born and raised in New York and his name's Howard Dean. He's the only presidential candidate running from the Democratic Party whom I believe has the fight in him to take on George Bush - one of the worst presidents this country has ever had. Dean is also taking on a group of Senators and politicians that call themselves Democrats but act like Republicans

Dean was against invading Iraq. It has turned out to be the bloodiest and will end up being the longest war in U.S. history since the Vietnam War. Its purpose at the present time seems mainly to enrich Vice President Dick Cheney's Halliburton with billions of U.S. tax dollars. And it's also costing the lives of at least three American soldiers every day and many horrible casualties. When this war is over, we, the People, will be the poorer and the companies of Halliburton and Bechtel will be the richer.

I admire Howard Dean, who is a doctor, for his actions. In fact, his first priority as President of the United States will be to rip up the Patriot Act - a needless invasion of privacy that should be abolished.

There is currently a myth being spread by the corporate-owned media, the corporations, and the politicians; the myth is that there is an economic crisis. There is NO economic crisis in this country. It’s just that our jobs and our money have been abruptly taken away from us and given to the richest 1% of Americans, and it’s perfectly legal to do that through 1) giant tax cuts for the rich, and 2) massive layoffs for working Americans. Now the rich are richer and the middle class has been robbed, of course legally.

In 67 years, Congress has not passed legislation that would make Medicare cover the cost of prescription drugs. Howard Dean will see that that is changed.

Howard Dean will make sure all working Americans have universal healthcare coverage.

Vermont’s the only state in the country with healthcare coverage for everyone 18 years of age and under, and Gov. Dean was responsible for making that happen.

Bush and the Republican Party have a dream and that is to see Social Security, Medicare and public education abolished. In addition, they want to close the Environmental Protection Agency and abolish the Department of Education. They want to pull out of the United Nations because the UN recognizes all the nations of the world and their rights. As the UN defends nations against U.S. corporations that are intent on taking their natural resources, this Congress does nothing to prevent the enslaving of poor people around the world in factories where they earn less than 50 cents per hour. Sen. John Kerry and Rep. Dick Gephardt support this kind of feudalism, which large corporations call “globalizaiton”. In this country, they call stealing “deregulation”.

Instead of abolishing the tax cuts for the rich, Senator Kerry defends them and has voted FOR three of the largest tax cuts in U.S. hisotry – all since Bush took office in 2001. Bush would eventually see that the federal income tax be abolished, and that all federal agencies (except the Defense Department) be privatized.

Less than a week ago, Rep. Dick Gephardt and Senator Joseph Lieberman voted FOR the $87 billion Bush demanded for the reconstruction and occupation of Iraq. This is only the beginning. The projected cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: $300 billion.

As Gov. Dean asked last Spring, I’m asking myself every day: what’s happened to the Democrats in Congress? Our country is a great one, but why do these Democrats insist on supporting Bush and the Republican platform, which is ultimately designed for the richest 1% of Americans? After all, these millionaires don’t need Social Security. They have pensions that pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Is everything about protecting the rich?

The answer is loud and clear to me. Dean is the only presidential candidate that will give this country back to her rightful owners, i.e. to the People.

You have the power to make this happen as well. You can vote for Dean ensuring that this country will stop marching down its path to ruin.

How many more laid off workers does it take to make People stand up and fight? How much more money do we have to let be taken away from us to give to the richest 1% before we rise up in revolt and kick the evildoers out of the White House? They're not fighting for us, they're fighting against us and to stay in power for themselves!

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Washington Walls 

You may not have been protesting in DC recently. Did you know about all the anti-protest walls we've been putting up? We say they are for construction of visitor centers and such, but it isn't.

For example, the construction wall around the Washington Monument. You know, that huge block of land in prime protest view of the White House where the Aids quilt gets displayed? There is a wall around it.

Of course, the Senate decided today not to fund the visitors center. Great, right? The wall can come down? Nope. It's the only thing that will remain in the plans.

The White House is almost impossible to even see these days, given the distance one must respect. You've obviously forgotten that the White House is the people's house and not too long ago you could walk up to the front door and go on in. Some early presidents even had trouble with rowdy visitors taking over for a while.

The Supreme Court has some walls. There are walls for the visitor's center on the Hill.

We have survellience cameras all over. Uniformed and un-uniformed police forces. Helicopters, horses, pepper spray, detentions, metal detectors, policies and all sorts of simple tricks to slow down your protest.

So, again, please don't rise up like they are doing in Australia or other places Bush visits. Bush says he loves free speech, but that's just the standard line we give him every time he has to actually see a protestor. Usually he doesn't have to see anything that would suggest that anyone has any problems with him ever.

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Wednesday, October 22

Don't Protest 

We are civil, rational people. Protestors are just angry misanthropes out of touch with reality. You don't want to be angry and out of touch, do you? Then don't protest.

See what I just did? I said "we are good; they are bad" in so many words. We're going to use this one as much as we can. It's easy:

Those democrats are angry, aren't they? Nasty! Brutal! All they do is criticize the president. They're being political, and have political motivations! Angry, partisan democrats trying to make this partisan by being critical for political reasons. They just want to get elected. They are sore losers, who can't stand that our president is popular and winning where they always lose because they are angry and partisan and against the people. Too bad they are so out of touch with the American people.

No one ever says that sort of thing about us. It just wouldn't work. It's against the brand image that we have polished over the years. In terms you understand, we're Target - you are Woolworths. We own the majority of television networks, radio stations, magazines, and newspapers and we don't accept "advertising" from "Woolworths"...

So, by all means, just sit there. Don't take to the streets. Don't make protests larger than they need to be. Someone else will go protest for you. I promise. Please, just sit there. Don't start a movement. Don't demand attention.

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The Power of Non-Violent Protest 

Alan Rosenbaum writes in "Coercion and Autonomy" that people act when they
feel their autonomy has been lost. The state, which Rosenbaum defines as
organized coercion, attempts to control the behavior of its citizens by
invading the privacy of the individual. An invasion of privacy, such as
detaining a person, arresting him or her, or taking something from them
without their permission is, in itself, a loss of autonomy.

The current administration in the White House may be autonomous (certainly
they never have their privacy invaded), but to cut oneself off from others
is to lose one's self. We're only ourselves in that we're a reflection of
others - we come to see ourselves in relation to other people. The
successful strategy of this White House is one of deception by effectively
closing itself off to the community in which one finds validation
essential to one's own sense of self.

One who shows concern for others is expressing his or her feeling in the
form of caring about other people's welfare. Showing respect is when we
care about how we are treating people to the point of changing our actions
accordingly. When this becomes a united action of many individuals that
take a stand for what they believe is right, it is the most self-defining
thing we can do.

What the difference is between the people on the street protesting and
those in the White House who dismiss them, hiding in their bubble of
secrecy, is that the protestors' regard for others gives them more to live
for and the people in the White House have nothing to live for but

In "The Gift", author David Schmidtz defines the Western Economic Model as
being built upon an underlying question, which it tries hard to drive into
the heads of every individual of society: "How much can I get?" If the
protests continue indefinitely, that question risks becoming irrelevant in
our society.

What will take its place will be the concerned citizen acting purely out
of regard for others and marching on the street. When this happens, which
it finally did last weekend in New York and all across America and the
world, the individual becomes the Mirror to the State, i.e. organized

On such a mass level as were the Valentine's Day Protests (Feb. 15, 2003),
every leader in the world especially where the largest marches occurred
should be reflecting on what makes themselves so malodorous to their
citizens. What caused such a stink in the White House, 10 Downing Street,
and in Silvio Berlusconi's cabinet to result in 5 million people
collectively coming out onto the streets of Rome, London, and New York to

The message of the People in the streets is three-fold: 1) end the war 2)
bring home the troops, and 3) beware of the men in the White House for
they’re very dangerous to our future course. The People, contrary to Bush,
want to create a society in which they will live as productive and
peaceful citizens, continue to have a regard for the interests of others,
and to serve the interests of others so that we may give value to our own
latent capabilities and creative works.

Marx predicted that coexistence among a state that is in direct opposition
to the desires of the people is, in the end, doomed to failure. Witness in
the last century the rise and fall of the Nazi Party, the crumbling of the
Soviet Union, the decay of the British Colonial Empire most especially in
India, and the end of segregation in the United States South. In each
instance, the repressive state system - except for the United States - was
brought down by sustained coercion by the People against the outnumbered
autonomous leaders. In three of the four cases, the changes came about
without resorting to violence.

Acts of peaceful coercion are always successful for even if the result is
only for the one coerced to dismiss the act, you’ve caused a reluctant
submission. More importantly you’ve created a situation that demands a
reaction and, if that reaction is only a dismissive and veiled insult, the
whole world’s witnessed it and you’ll always have a record for the future.

Continued non-violent coercion by the people will be continual success if
only it results in compromise, which is what it will end up being at the
end of the day. What’s astounding about February 15th's protests was that
so many people stood up around the world at once, gave generously of their
time to something they believed in and showed the leaders of the so-called
Western liberal democracies that the people care based on respect for all

Those that use the White House as their cover coerce others out of a
belief in revenge based on hatred, a deep-rooted suspicion of the people,
and the question "How much can I get?". Perhaps they are not as
genetically adapted as the protestors are to show respect and concern for

Concerned citizens of the world, keep these words by Benjamin Constant in
mind when you meet in Washington, D.C. this October 25th, "When all are
isolated by egoism, there is nothing but dust, and at the advent of a
storm, nothing but mire."

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Tuesday, October 21

Thai Farmers Take Action 

Hey lazy Americans! Here is an example of taking some action.

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Did You Forget, Yet? 

We've given you more Middle Eastern turmoil, a non agreement agreement in the UN, a dangerous and quick trip through Asia, record budget deficit, the Cubs and Red Sox being eliminated, and even a guy going over Niagara Falls. Have you forgotten, yet?

Good. You aren't interested in investigating top advisors to the president being traitors, blowing the cover of a CIA operative working to stop the spread of WMD's. You aren't concerned that the 9-11 commission is still having trouble getting information for their investigation. You've long since forgotten about Iraq being an imminent threat, with nuclear and biological weapons ready to strike us at any moment.

That means you've also forgotten about Enron. You have no memory of us eliminating tens of thousands of people from the voter registration lists in Florida, or hiring all the lawyers in the state so the other side had no legal options when it came to the courtrooms. You forget about us hiring paid protestors to storm the proceedings and disrupt them. Or how we had the news all set to announce us as winners before the results were in. Or how we got rid of exit polls, so no one would know what was really going on.

You don't recall anything we promised you, nor do you actually know what we do. You give us your tax money, your bank fees, your rent, and all of your other revenue. We live like kings and queens, and you are our lowly serfs. Your mud hut has become a McMansion, so you feel just wonderful as we keep you working for our massive corporate kingdoms. Don't rise up now, OK. We like the way it is going.

A revolution would be bad. For us. For you it would be great. You'd have a healthy planet, with safety, and people getting along solving problems with far less concern for profit than well-being. You'd have more than enough to live on, with a great life to lead. We're the problem for you, and we'd be gone. (There aren't that many of us, too, compared to you).

We'd lose everything. I wouldn't have my $6,000 shower curtain, or diamond-encrusted underwear. Many of my $63 million dollar homes and boats would be lost. My chef and masseuse would turn on me. My gardener would stop watering my prize-winning orchids. My pilot might stop flying me to and fro. Especially fro.

Go forth and forget, my minions. Don't look behind the curtain.

And if you really want to see the Cubs and Red Sox, why not do what we rich folk do? Have a command performance. It's the game you wanted to see anyway, right? Then have the two teams play it. They'd make an extra bundle of cash, so they'd do it. The fans would forget about the others in the real series, and everyone could believe whatever they wanted. Both teams could win.

You have to start being more creative, people. It's too easy to whoop up on you. You just sit there. Why? Why do you take it from us? Do you like having your life be sucky? We like having your life be sucky, if it means more for us, but what do you want? Forget I ever said anything. Go back to sleep. And e-mail me all your bank information so I can make withdrawls.

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Monday, October 20

We Had To Do It 

Look. What if we hadn't supported the Nazi's and they won? Then we'd be in a bind. It was our patriotism that enabled us to finance the enemy. We wanted the US to be in the best possible position, regardless of the outcome.

We said we're sorry. Or if we didn't, we will. Isn't that enough? Why bring up these rumors and allegations from so long ago? I mean, who can remember their grandpa, for gosh sakes? It doesn't matter where the family money came from, nor does it matter that the CIA (formed to do secret government business after Prescott got in trouble) gobbled up Nazi agents after the war. What, are you a Nazi lover? You talk about it enough...why do you hate America?

It's just like now. We send in donations to both sides. When one "wins" we are ready to have favors returned, since we helped fund their election. Both of them.

Nobody cares that our family gave financial support to Adolph Hitler. It's no big deal. We must stop terrorists. Really. We must. Come with me to stop the terrorists.

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Sunday's (10/19/2003) Chicago Sun-Times also reports the AP story:

"Bush grandfather was director of bank linked to Nazis"


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The Associated Press reported on Friday:

"President Bush's grandfather was a director of a bank seized by the federal government because of its ties to a German industrialist who helped bankroll Adolf Hitler's rise to power, government documents show.

Prescott Bush was one of seven directors of Union Banking Corp., a New York investment bank owned by a bank controlled by the Thyssen family, according to recently declassified National Archives documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

Fritz Thyssen was an early financial supporter of Hitler, whose Nazi party Thyssen believed was preferable to communism. The documents do not show any evidence Bush directly aided that effort. His position with Union Banking never was a political issue for Bush, who was elected to the Senate from Connecticut in 1952."

The Washington Times also reported the story in their Friday edition.

Other newspapers around the world that reported the AP story:

Seattle Times (Seattle, CA), October 18, 2003; Pg. A7 - President Bush's grandfather director of bank with Nazi ties
Jerusalem Post (Israel), October 19, 2003; Pg. 4 - Bush's grandfather directed bank linked to Nazis
Canberra Times (Australia), October 19, 2003 - President's grandfather linked to Nazi bank
Sunday Mail (Queensland, Australia), October 19, 2003 - Bush bank in Nazi link
Ottawa Citizen (Canada), October 18, 2003; Pg. A18 - United States: Bush family tied to pro-Nazi bank
St. Louis Post - Dispatch (St. Louis, Mo.); Oct 19, 2003;  Pg. A4 - Prescott Bush Was Director Of Bank Seized By U.S. ; It Was Affiliated With Nazi-Funding German Industrialist

Several other newspapers in the Netherlands and Southern Australia carried the AP story.

The story first appeared in the New Hampshire Gazette on Oct. 10, 2003 in a story by John Buchanan, Bush - Nazi Link Confirmed".

The National Archives, www.nara.gov, has the declassified documents that show the ties between Union Banking Corp., directed by Prescott Bush and the Thyssen Bank.

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