Friday, February 27

Bush Decides Blowing Up Children Is Worthy Pursuit 

Bush reversed course for the nation today, deciding that instead of phasing out land mines by 2006 he would instead extend their use and create new land mines well into the future.

"Bush's decision drew expressions of outrage and surprise from representatives of humanitarian organizations that have pressed for a more comprehensive U.S. ban on land mines. They say the danger to civilians and allied soldiers during and after a war outweighs the benefits of such weapons. They also dispute the contention that unexploded smart mines are safe, saying there isn't enough evidence to know.

'We expected we wouldn't be pleased by the president's decision, but we hadn't expected a complete rejection of what has been U.S. policy for the past 10 years,' said Steve Goose, who heads the arms division of Human Rights Watch.

'It looks like a victory for those in the Pentagon who want to cling to outmoded weapons, and a failure of political leadership on the part of the White House. And it is stunningly at odds with what's happening in the rest of the world, where governments and armies are giving up these weapons.' "

You would think that a plan to increase the liklihood of children being blown to bits would be a bad thing, but not so. We need this technology. If we don't have it and don't use it, someone else will. What are you, a pansy? Want us to be run by terrorists? Why do you hate America so much?

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