Monday, February 23

Without Dean, Democratic Primaries Turn Synthetic 

Joe Klein writes in this week's Time magazine ("Beware Flannel-Mouth Disease", Mar. 1, 2004) that now that Dean has bowed out, don't look for Edwards to offer any passion. The North Carolina millionaire Senator, formerly a trial lawyer, is too slick and too earnest, sort of like a cross between Robin the "Boy Wonder" and Pepe le Pieu. His responses are bewilderingly plain and lack the sharp rebuttal and directness of a Howard Dean. He has defined himself as Mister Sunshine (Mister Vice President I suspect) and during this week's debate is expected to don a white suit and a top hat and waltz around the stage singing "Here Comes Mister Fluffy."

Heinz Kerry, on the other hand, is the picture of an Internationalist. He went to a fancy Swiss private school, speaks fluent French, ordered Swiss cheese for his Philly cheesesteak, and "wears pastel Herm├Ęs ties - pink one at his Wisconsin victory celebration". Some claim Kerry even looks French. My ancestry is French, and John Kerry does not look the least bit French. I lived in the Czech Republic for seven years so I'm qualified to say that Kerry looks Czech, aging Czech male, with a little Austrian blood mixed in.

Meanwhile, Howard Dean, who's been resting peacefully in his ranch house in Vermont, came out to denounce Ralph Nader's announcement yesterday that he's running for the White House. Dean said he hoped Nader would "withdraw his candidacy in the best interests of the country we hope to become" but failed to mention what he thought Washington Democrats' best interests were.

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) claimed that Americans had been fooled once by Mr. Nader and would not be fooled twice. After being fooled by the Democrats the past three years, who have supported the Republicans and the President and offerred no fight and opposition beyond questioning the appointment of judges to the supreme court, I fail to see Mr. Leahy's point.

The Democrats seem to have fallen back into their spineless ways.

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