Thursday, February 12

Torricelli, Kerry, Gross 

Now I have to agree with Howard Dean's spokesman Jay Carson in today's New York Times ("Dean Attacks Kerry on Fund-Raising and Republican-Like Behavior"), there's definitely a cabal of Washington insiders who are working to destroy Governor Dean's campaign. But let me be more specific than Jodi Wilgoren was in her article.

Yesterday, while in a bookstore, I saw "The Buying Of the President". I immediately checked out Sen. Kerry's top campaign donators. Skadden, Arps was top of the list.

Then this morning I read more on the group "Americans for Jobs, Healthcare and Progressive Values" in the Journal (a regional newspaper chain serving Northern Virgina and Maryland's Prince George's and Montgomery counties); Americans for Jobs etc. was the group that ran the sleazy anti-Dean ads in Iowa.

Apparently this group, which received a $50,000 cash infusion from Robert Torricelli's special interest corporation set up in Florida to do the ads (Torricelli is now on Kerry's campaign finance committee), is run by David Jones (no relation to the Monkee) and Kenneth Gross, partner in the law firm Skadden, Arps. Hold on, did you say Skadden, Arps? Needless to say, Kerry's denial over knowing anything about the ads' financiers is beyond suspect. Kerry had to have been lying on Dec. 17 when he said on CNN, "I don't know who has done this ad. And I can tell you unequivocally that I have nothing to do with it." Oh please!

Gross, who lives in Bethesda, is one those Washington establishment insider campaign financiers, who works for both Republicans and Democrats. He also served in the Federal Election Commission for six years under Reagan, and in a recent interview confirmed that he was counsel for Bob Dole's campaign committees in 1996 and 2000. According to Mr. Gross, "I'm a man of all trades".


"I represent both Democrats and Republicans; I'm one of the few who do," says Gross, who is currently counsel for the 2004 Republican National Convention "coming to a New York City near you" in August; he is also general counsel for the Republican Leadership Council.

Enough!!! I'm beginning to see the real Kerry and can understand what Howard Dean means when he says that Kerry represents the Republican Party. Add one dose Mr. Kerry and two does Torricelli and you have the Party of Sleazy Money and Power.

Bloggers, report report report, and while you're at it, have fun!

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Wednesday, February 11

Bush Pal Urges Bush Study 

With friends like these...

"David Kay, the former chief U.S. arms inspector in Iraq, said yesterday that President Bush's new commission on intelligence should study how the president and his senior policymakers used the information they received from intelligence agencies.

'The charges are out there,' Kay said during a talk at the U.S. Institute of Peace, 'and if there was misuse or distortion, we need to know it.'"

Oh, great. Study what we said leading up to the war. The other side is so political. Oh wait, this is our side.

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Kerry Backed Anti-Dean Ad In Iowa 

The campaign fund of ex-U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli gave $50,000 in hard money to a newly-created Florida-based interest group which in turn aired television commercials in Iowa attacking presidential candidate Howard Dean. Torricelli, who says he has raised $100,000 for John Kerry and participated in a finance committee meeting with Kerry last week, gave the money to Americans for Jobs and Health Care on November 26, 2003; in January the group ran three tv spots in Iowa -- one which featured Osama bin Laden. The group spent a reported $663,000 in total -- nearly one-third from labor unions. View Torricelli's FEC report.

From The Washington Post, "Kerry Fundraiser Helped Finance Anti-Dean Ads" (buried inside today's paper on page A16):

Torricelli's nickname is "Torch." The Republican National Committee last night sent around its own e-mail titled "Sen. John Kerry hypocrisy." In it, the RNC states: "Disgraced Ex-Senator Bob Torricelli Raising Money For Cash And Kerry."


MARCH 8, 2003

NOVEMBER 26, 2003

DECEMBER 15, 2003

DECEMBER 16, 2003
Kerry: “I have no connection to it at all.” [ABC Nightly News, on the ads]
“The Kerry camp also denies any connection with the 527 group.” [CBS News]

DECEMBER 17, 2003
Kerry: “I don't know who has done this ad. And I can tell you unequivocally that I have nothing to do with it.” [CNN]


We live in a very dangerous world.

And there are those who wake up every morning determined to destroy western civilization…

Americans want a president who can face the dangers ahead.

But Howard Dean has no military or foreign policy experience.

And Howard Dean just cannot compete with George Bush on foreign policy.

It’s time for Democrats to think about that … and think about it now.

Slow move in on cover of Time magazine with Bin Laden on the cover. SUPER comes up: Dangerous world.

Move in continues … SUPER comes up: Destroy us

Move in continues … SUPER comes up: Dangers Ahead

Move in continues … SUPER comes up: No Experience

Continue to move in until we get into his eyes and screen turns black.

SUPER: It’s time for Democrats to think about Dean’s inexperience.

SUPER: Think about it now. Paid for by Americans for Jobs, Healthcare and Progressive Values.

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Tuesday, February 10

I'll Let You In On A Secret 

If you don't film us doing it, it didn't happen:

"When he was asked by reporters on Monday whether he had been questioned in the case, Mr. McClellan said he had been filmed by news organizations as he emerged from the federal courthouse. 'I think that confirms it for you,' he said."

Obviously, if no one had filmed him, his response would be "I can't discuss it" or "You'll have to ask the Justice Dept."

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Federal Grand Jury Interviews White House Staff 

What terrible news. Our dear leader's fortress is being invaded by the third branch of government. (note to self- get rid of Judicial Dept.)

"White House press secretary Scott McClellan said yesterday that he talked to the grand jury on Friday. Mary Matalin, former counselor to Vice President Cheney, testified Jan. 23, the sources said. Adam Levine, a former White House press official, also testified Friday, the sources said.

None is suspected by prosecutors of having exposed undercover CIA officer Valerie Plame, but they were questioned about White House public relations strategy, the sources said.

FBI agents have interviewed those and at least five other current and former Bush aides and have questioned them about thousands of e-mails that the White House surrendered in October, along with stacks of call logs and calendars, the sources said. "

The Post has an article about the VP's office becoming a liability. Not dear Cheney, who will be in court himself soon. No!

Almost the entire White House is under investigation for something right now, but you wouldn't know that from our dear friends in charge of the infotainment you get as news. Thank god we own the media or this would be a problem.

Close personal friend Bill O'Reilly just apologized to the nation for believing the pre-war hype. He says he doesn't trust dear leader any more. And Jon Stewart told Daily Show viewers that we must "storm the Bastille" after interviewing an author about how our government is bought. The crowd cheered.

Maybe this neo-con thing isn't the answer... (slap, slap) Of course it is the answer. Let's press on. What could I have been thinking.

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Monday, February 9

A Putin Election Challenger Disappears 

George W. Bush looked deep into the eyes of Putin and knew that they had an understanding....

New York Times:

One of Vladimir V. Putin's challengers in the presidential election next month is missing, and the police and security services announced Sunday that they had begun a search for him.
Ivan P. Rybkin, a former Parliament speaker and national security adviser under Boris N. Yeltsin, has not been seen or heard from since Thursday evening, raising fears among his family and campaign aides that something dire has happened to him.

"We are trying not to let such ideas come to mind," said Aleksandr V. Tukayev, a campaign official and the deputy chairman of Mr. Rybkin's party, Liberal Russia, "but it is hard not to think about it."

Mr. Rybkin's whereabouts have added a bizarre drama to a torpid presidential campaign that is universally expected to end with Mr. Putin's re-election on March 14. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Whoah! And Gov. Howard Dean thought he had it hard in the U.S. election. Then again, nobody will forget Sen. Paul Wellstone's death in October 2000 just before an extremely important election.

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Sunday, February 8

Keyes says Judges are Death of Self-Government 

Alan Keyes sent me another e-mail.

What Alan Keyes has characterized as "judicial dictatorship"
is debasing responsible self-government in America. This is just one more example of
what the radical left in this country is trying to impose on the "silent majority" of Americans. As Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families noted,
"No one can deny what is happening any longer. The laws of our Founding Fathers are being perverted to impose a radical cultural agenda against the will of the American
people. Despite clear public opinion against the notion of homosexual 'marriage,' unelected judges are more than willing to steer our culture into uncharted public policy waters...


We couldn't agree more. If we, the majority of hard-working patriotic Americans, don't stand up and take action on this, it's likely we will be witnessing the death of self- government. The radical left wants us to be enslaved by judicial dictators. The people of Massachusetts would never vote for this insanity. The real question is if we will break the yoke of tyrants, or submit like whimpering children.

Therefore, don't vote for Kerry. He is from this evil place. Just kidding, but think about it anyway and let it sink in for next fall.

Did you see my pal Bush on Meet the Press today. Boy, he was great, eh? He says we can look at all his records about his avoiding military service.

One final thought on nicknames. Condi is the wrong nickname for Condoleeza. It should be Condo. Condo had to testify Saturday about why she was nearly in tears when they threw her to the wolves after the "Bush Knew" headlines and she said they had no idea anything like 9-11 could ever happen - except for all the info they had about it.

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