Friday, May 7

American Terrorists 

A U.S. citizen, a lawyer with training in the US military (God bless them), had his fingerprints found at the site of the Madrid bombing, according to the AP:

A lawyer and former Army officer who converted to Islam was arrested as a material witness in the deadly train bombings in Spain, federal authorities said.

Brandon Mayfield was taken into custody Thursday by FBI agents, who also searched his home in the Portland suburb of Aloha."

Isn't great that the trained press puppies put in that part about switching to Islam, as though THAT was the trigger point for Brandon. It was his training as a killer by the army, nor was it his legal training. It HAD be his religion.


Because our leaders don't understand any actions by anyone unless they are religiously motivated. It is inconceivable that anyone would do anything for any other reason.

What this country really needs to do is clamp down on Americans. If Americans are going around the world committing acts of evil terrorism, just like other evil doers, they must be stopped!

For this reason, and you heard it here first, America is being listed as part of the Axis of Evil. Just after the election, look forward to "Shock and Awe" from Portland to the Palisades.

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Thursday, May 6

Bush Upset At Timing 

The Christian Science Monitor tells us:

"Bush was reportedly upset that he learned of the extent of the prisoner abuses and saw the incriminating photographs by watching '60 Minutes II' last week, with no advance warning."

No advance warning. That would imply that he HAS had warnings for other bad things that have come out in the news. He likes to be warned. With warning, he can be prepared. Even a tiny bit of warning would be enough to soothe him, for it would allow him to act decisively. It's what presidents do. They receive warnings, then they jump into action. It allows them to prevent the situation from getting worse.

If only he had some sort of warning. A sign. Has God let him down? Is he no longer getting GDB (God's Daily Briefing)?

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Greenspan No Spin 

The NY Times reports:

"Mr. Greenspan has made clear his objections to budget deficits in the past, and today's remarks were equally forthright. He also clung today to his belief that consumer debt is not a worrying factor, even though his beliefs are not accepted by all traditional economists.

It is also somewhat at odds with the Congressional Budget Office, which in March published new calculations showing that the budget deficit now stems almost entirely from tax cuts and spending increases rather than from lingering effects of the economic slowdown."

So, obviously, it is all Clinton's fault.

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The Reason Bush Will Win 

It's because people will be looking at him, the loveable clown. He'll mangle some sentences for us, say something especially icky and dumb, and people will vote for him.

What the election is really about is the team. Our network of planners, positioners, congresspeople, judges, cabinet officials, ambassadors and all the other people installed since 2000. It's about Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz, Rice, Powell, and Delay.

It's about corporations that make money off of wars and stealing from the government through big contracts, payoffs, and bailouts.

Most people in the US think things are going pretty poorly. Unless one is super-rich, times have almost always been better than this for just about everyone.

No one wants to blame Bush. He's so out of the loop that it couldn't have been his fault. Maybe things will get better. Some of his plans need time to really work. The Chinese spy plane wasn't on his watch. 9-11 wasn't under his administration. Hundreds of dead Americans didn't happen while he was in charge. There weren't joy-riding rich people on a sub killing Japanese schoolkids while he was working for the country. Trillions of dollars of surplus didn't disappear suddenly when he took office. He's got things under control, like a leader should.

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Wednesday, May 5

Disney Censors and Celebrates Moore 

Reuters reports that:

"Hollywood trade paper Daily Variety said in its Wednesday edition that Walt Disney Co. has moved to prevent its Miramax Films unit from distributing 'Fahrenheit 911.'"

The film debuts at Cannes later this month, but Disney doesn't want to annoy the Bush family and their control over the operation of theme parks in Florida. Disney enjoys being its own municipality in Florida, with their own utilities (and permission to build a nuclear plant, if needed), government, and airport.

It's a brilliant financial move for whatever company does release the film, however. This is the kind of publicity that fuels any Moore production. "See the film that Disney banned!" is much more alluring and profitable than "see a new documentary about politics."

Congrats, then, are in order for Mr. Moore on the exceptional publicity that will fuel his next box-office sensation. Disney just made sure that more people than ever will watch this film. The question is, are they smart enough to reap the profits of their actions?

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Tuesday, May 4

Bush Tells Truth 

And the AP tell us:

"'Probably the best reason to send me back,' Bush told the crowd, 'is so Laura Bush will be the first lady for four more years.'"

It is true. The best reason to re-elect him is that Laura Bush will not be seen for another four years.

Now, the reason he wants this so bad is because he is Condi's husb..., and the First Lady deal keeps Laura away for long periods of time. Really long, lonely periods of endless boredom with nothing to do but exercise with his partner.

The Bush family learns from other's mistakes. W. realizes that Hillary was the problem in the Lewinski scandal, not Monica. He won't make that mistake. Laura is off giving a speech this year.

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Sunday, May 2

No Wonder They Think Iraq Is Going Well 

The AP tells us:

Asked how many American troops have died in Iraq, the Pentagon's No. 2 civilian estimated Thursday the total was about 500 - more than 200 soldiers short.

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was asked about the toll at a hearing of a House Appropriations subcommittee. 'It's approximately 500, of which - I can get the exact numbers - approximately 350 are combat deaths,' he responded.

'He misspoke,' spokesman Charley Cooper said later. 'That's all.'

American deaths Thursday were at 722 - 521 of them from combat - since the start of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Department of Defense.

Fuzzy math, probably.

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