Saturday, May 15

What was your tax return like? 

The AP tells us:

"In Bush's case, he and his wife paid $41,000 less last year than the previous year. In Cheney's case, the reduction was $88,000."

Those tax cuts are working, I say! Thirteen new illegal alien servants can be hired by these two.

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Friday, May 14

New Government Web Site Provides Crucial Information 

With the economy struggling, jobs being shipped overseas, and a war that is getting more expensive by the minute it is good to see that the White House has followed my suggestion and devoted time and resources to a project of national significance.

In an act that cannot be contrued in any way as being desperate, barney.gov was launched.

No, it isn't a new Rovian anti-Barney Franks site. It is all about Barney the dog. Bush's dog. With a dot gov web address. You know, official government information and not used for entertainment.

As coincidence has it, I know Barney's cousin personally. I asked him what he thought.

"Barney gets all the attention in the family," he said walking down the sidewalk on a leash. "This is just another example of... hold on, I need to sniff this.... OK, where was I?"

With the web site, Barney is now expected to be kept "alive in people's hearts" for years to come, much like Lassie and Morris the cat, through the use of lookalikes.

And some dare question our great leader's priorities in the war on terrorism. For shame.

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