Thursday, May 20

Handover Going Well 

The AP tells us that Bush's one-time pick to lead the new Iraqi government might not be in the running anymore:

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - U.S. soldiers raided the home of America's one-time ally Ahmad Chalabi on Thursday and seized documents and computers. U.S. officials, meanwhile, disputed Iraqi claims that American aircraft bombed a wedding party, killing more than 40 people."

You can ignore that part about us beheading children with an attack on some folks having a wedding. It may be true, but you can ignore it anyway. Why clutter your little mind with things that really don't matter to us?

Sure, the best way for America to "win" this is to come out with a good reputation and that is impossible with this administration, but we shouldn't change ships mid-horserace, tomix some metaphors.

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Fairweather Alliances 

Remember Ahmad Chalabi, the U.S.'s hand picked leader of Iraq? Well, recently they cut off his allowance, and today U.S. troops raided his house in Baghdad. According to the Guardian, Chalabi has been critical of U.S. plans to 'transfer' the government to Iraqis without giving the new government any power or authority of its own. Gee, how strange that an Iraqi would object to being part of a U.S. puppet government. Apparently, the troops raided the Iraqi National Congress offices as well and Chalabi's nephew speculates that the U.S. doesn't like the political movement Chalabi has been creating in Iraq.

For it's part, the U.S. says that Chalabi was interfering in the U.S.'s investigation into the oil-for-food program: "U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have accused Chalabi of trying to interfere with an investigation into alleged corruption of the U.N.-run oil-for-food program, in which Saddam Hussein's government was allowed to sell oil despite international sanctions to buy food and humanitarian supplies. "

Of course, that would explain everything. Except that from any reasonable point of view, it's a ludicrous explanation. Like the U.S. gives a good goddamn about the Oil-For-Food program or its proceeds (unless of course they're trying to find the remaining proceeds so they can steal it for themselves...)

Chalabi is not a great guy. He's a political stooge of the U.S./CIA as far as anyone can tell. But in this case he's got a point: a government without sovereignty is not a government. I wonder when we'll be hearing of his untimely death?

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