Friday, July 2

Speaks for Itself 

From the AP:

"The U.S. military will pull tiny contingents out of two U.N. peacekeeping missions because Americans no longer are exempt from international prosecution for war crimes, a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.

A seven-person team will be removed from the U.N. mission to keep the peace between the African nations of Ethiopia and Eritrea, and two liaison officers will be taken out of the U.N. mission in Kosovo, spokesman Larry Di Rita told reporters at a new conference.

'It was determined ... that the risk was not appropriate to our forces, and so they were withdrawn,' Di Rita said."

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Tuesday, June 29

Maybe It Had Something To Do With Sovereignty 

Journalist's cellphones confiscated. Cryptic messages sent out to the media. The handover happens in a backroom in front of only two journalists and is not allowed to be filmed by any major U.S. media. The news is embargoed until 4 a.m.

Howard Kurtz writes today in his Washington Post column "Media Notes":


The phone calls to the journalists were cryptic. Their cell phones were confiscated. And at the moment that they realized they were watching an abruptly scheduled transfer of power from U.S. authorities to the new Iraqi government yesterday, most of America was fast asleep.

Only two big-name television stars, ABC anchor Peter Jennings and CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour, witnessed the brief ceremony in Baghdad.

Moments before they were ushered into the nondescript room, Jennings said yesterday from Baghdad, "a couple of us looked at each other in a highly speculative way and said maybe it had something to do with sovereignty."

This is the way things are now done in the new Iraqi government, which is appointed by Bush and his administration. The elections will occur some time in the future, when Washington decides, and when the CIA can successfully skew the results to put in power a pro-Western Iraqi leadership. Any false moves on their part and, well, you know... What happened to Noriega, Saddam, and all the other hundreds of foreign leaders that opposed us after we helped them into power?

"The war is not meant to end, it is meant to be continuous."
-- George Orwell

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Monday, June 28

What Day Is It? Will You PLease Tell Me? 

Bush did a Brak impression on his tour of the world, says the AP:

"Maybe it was jet lag, or maybe summit-fatigue.

Bush on Saturday twice had trouble figuring out what day it was.

At a news conference following the U.S.-European Union summit, Bush first said he was traveling on to Turkey on Sunday to meet with leaders of NATO nations.

'Tomorrow I will travel to Turkey for the NATO summit,' he said. 'Actually, today I will travel to Turkey. Tomorrow is the NATO summit.'

Later, he repeated his blunder - still not getting the schedule right.

'As I said tomorrow I'm going to go to Turkey for the NATO summit,' he said. 'Today I'm going to Turkey. Tomorrow's the summit.'

If it's Saturday, Mr. President, it must be Ireland (during the day) and Turkey (at night).

At the end Bush used the mix-up to his advantage.

'No,' he told a reporter trying to squeeze in one more question. 'We've got to go to Turkey.'"

He was confused because of the secret plan to do the phony handover early so they wouldn't get blown up.

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Sunday, June 27

Farenheit 9-11 Released In Turkey 

Or at least it appears that way. CNN is reporting that 40,000 people turned out to protest Bush in Turkey:

"Tens of thousands of Turks chanting anti-Bush slogans demonstrated against the president's visit to their country on Sunday and a NATO summit."

"The protest in the Kadikoy district, on the Asian side of Istanbul, attracted more than 40,000 people, mostly members of leftist groups, police said."

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