Saturday, July 17

What Is Happening In Palestine? 

With a spate of recent kidnappings, the entire government of Palestine has offered to resign. Yasser Arafat doesn't accept the resignation. Thousands of Palestinians are marching in the streets against Arafat. The Arabic Press is completely baffled by all of this. They are offering their prayers for the people.

So what is going on?

Has Israeli terrorism caused it? A rudderless country that cannot even ensure that it's chief of Police is safe in broad daylight? What are the people of Palestine feeling right now?

Is the country breaking up into Civil War? Or simply is Palestine breaking up spiritually and going through a severe crisis of faith? The situation represents something not so much dangerous as terribly sad as the rest of the world, especially America, sits by ignoring the downward spiral of a nation.


It is time for the United Nations to act and to do so swiftly and decisively in order to prevent Palestine from falling into darkness.

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Friday, July 16

Nielsen Ratings Accurate For White People and White Shows 

Those TV ratings are completely accurate, as long as you are white. If not, the shows you watch, well...

"Fox TV, Univision and other critics of the way local television audiences are measured told Congress on Thursday that minorities are being undercounted and that could lead to the elimination of shows popular with blacks and Hispanics."

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Stupid Rich People 

No comment required:

"A 3-year-old boy died when his dentist father left him inside a sport utility vehicle for three hours, officials said."

But I'll comment anyway - A dentist! An SUV! Three hours!?! A dead child.

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You Say Goodbye, But I Say Hello 

The AP tells us about the Philipines pulling out of Iraq, starting with the terribly off-base comments of Australia's PM Howard:

"'If you give in, the game's over and they will increase the intensity of their attacks,' he said."

Actually, if you go away, all the attacks stop. What Howard meant is that if the Philipines pulls out, attacks on Australia will increase until they pull out. When everyone is gone, they will no longer be attacked.

"White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Thursday the decision 'sends the wrong signal to terrorists.'

That signal being "we respect you as humans, have considered your opinion, and see value in what you say."

But in the Philippines, family members thanked President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and lawmakers defended her decision.

They see the wisdom of their leader, and know that their leader listens to them.

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Thursday, July 15

What They Do With Your Money Overnight 

From the AP:

"An old-line Washington bank deliberately helped former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet conceal his wealth, move funds and evade efforts under court order to seize his assets, Senate investigators say.

Riggs Bank managers, working with Pinochet from 1994 to 2002, set up phony offshore companies and hid the existence of his accounts from U.S. examiners, according to the report being released Thursday."

Riggs Bank was known as the "bank that's on the money" since it appears behind the Treasury in an engraving on our older $10 bills. It is located about 30 seconds from the White House.

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The Terrorists Have Already Won 

The AP lets us know that parents can no longer have day care at the Pentagon:

"The Pentagon says it will close its day care center by the fall because it cannot ensure the safety of the 117 children who attend the nearby facility."

The Pentagon cannot ensure the safety of children. Read that again. The Pentagon cannot ensure the safety of children. One more time for good measure: The Pentagon cannot ensure the safety of children.

That's the Pentagon, in charge of defending the U.S. and everyone in it, that can't defend children of employees there.

If it doesn't sound right to you, either, too bad. Parents? Day care? C'mon. We have marriage amendments to defeat and forests to clear cut and pave. Why would we pay money to help parents raise children?

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Wednesday, July 14

I'll Have Her Home By Nine P.M. 

Dan Froomkin's White House Briefing in the Post covers this tidbit on the Bush family:

"'Jenna is dating and Barbara has a serious boyfriend. They don't name names. Their father 'is very funny with boyfriends,' says Jenna. 'He's the joking-around-to-the-point-where-he-scares-the-heck-out-of-them type.' '"

I was there when Bush met one of the boys. His actual comment was "Touch her and you'll be sent to Iraq tomorrow. Have fun kids."

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Delay Explains Republican Strategy 

The AP says that, facing ethics charges for illegal contributions, Delay's folks have decided the best option is honesty:

"'The last sign of a defeated and intellectually bankrupt party is a hate-filled strategy of caricature assassination,' said Jonathan Grella, a DeLay spokesman."

It was unclear if this was the current or future position being taken by Delay, but the admission that Republicans are defeated and intellectually bankrupt as well as filled with hate as they assassinate the characters of others is right on the mark.

Too bad I'm wrong. Delay's team was talking about those representatives of the people bringing the ethical complaints to light and asking for investigation.

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Tuesday, July 13

Cheney Choosing Himself as CIA Director 

Reuters makes note that the CIA Director may be chosen in substantial part by Dick Cheney:

"It may be the most difficult and important job search of Bush's tenure, and people close to the process say Vice President Dick Cheney is playing a key role.'"

Let's see, last time he was in charge of selecting a new person for a job it was when he got to decide who would be the vice president. He looked at all the private information on everyone being considered and promptly told them all to go fuck themselves.

Choosing himself for CIA Director would make sense. There have been calls to get rid of him from the Bush-Cheney ticket. Bush could have a fresh start with a young vp. Dick could still rule the world from behind an even greater veil of secrecy and have access to enormous, undocumented funds.

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Cheney Goes Bunkers 

The AP startles us with this:

Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday accused his Democratic opponents of 'trying to rewrite history for their own political purposes' when they criticize the Bush administration for going to war based on flawed prewar intelligence."

I spoke with Dick the other day and he confirmed that he has actually lost his mind and is looking for it in his bunker. He hasn't seen any news or reports since Oct 2002, so it makes sense that he has no idea that everything they said leading up to the war was total and utter bunk.

How a vice president and president could still insist they were right even when EVERYONE knows they were wrong, well, it's called strength and resolve, determination, and decisiveness. See below.

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Bush and Kerry 

The AP reports on what voters think of their choices:

"'The quality I like about the president is he knows what he wants, and he focuses on what he wants to do. He's not wishy-washy,' said Sam Werzberger, a 26-year-old independent from New York City, who hasn't decided for whom he will vote. 'I've seen very little of Kerry, but he seems to say what people want to hear.'"

Yes, that would be bad. A candidate telling you what you want to hear. I much prefer candidates who speak about things I could care less about and disagree with.

"The poll asked voters whether they would or would not use each of seven words - likable, intelligent, decisive, compassionate, honest, arrogant and wealthy - to describe Bush and then Kerry.

Kerry and Bush are evenly matched on qualities like compassion, honesty and likability. But Bush has a 22-point edge over Kerry on the question of who is decisive. Two-thirds said Bush is decisive and fewer than half said that of Kerry. Only two-thirds of Democrats said Kerry is decisive."

Remember folks, you don't need to vote this fall. It all comes down to a couple sitting on a couch in Ohio.

"As Kerry prepares to introduce himself to the public at the Democratic National Convention in two weeks, one of his biggest obstacles is convincing voters he can provide the kind of firm leadership needed in a time of war and terrorism."

"The kind of firm leadership needed..." what a great phrase that means nothing. Kerry must convince voters not that he could be president, but only that he provides that special kind of firm leadership needed. You know that kind of firm leadership - it's the kind Bush already has.

"Bush's confidence and unwillingness to change his stand despite opposition are viewed negatively by some. A majority, 52 percent, said he's arrogant, more than the 44 percent who view Kerry that way.""

Arrogant? Who cares what these pathetic poll takers think? Take them back to their shanties and let's go fly around on private planes to private resorts for free food and gifts of large amounts of cash from corporations. I'm sick of people making less than a billion dollars a year whining about arrogance.

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Monday, July 12

Bush's Justfiction 

The NY Times tells us:

"President Bush not only reasserted his justification for the Iraq campaign but said that future pre-emptive strikes were not out of the question."

Justification or justfiction?

Good thing the NY Times is untrustworthy.

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What? You Want Us To Count the Ballots? 

CNN tells us:

: "Critics of electronic voting are suing Diebold Inc. under a whistle-blower law, alleging that the company's shoddy balloting equipment exposed California elections to hackers and software bugs."

Shocked. Shocked I say.

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