Friday, August 6

Does George W. Bush Plan To Attack the United States? 

George Bush Announces His Next Invasion
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"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

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Tuesday, August 3

New Hi-tech Books Help with Propaganda 

The AP says:

"The Bush administration is sending talking, electronic books to Afghanistan to give women basic lessons about public health."

How much do you care to wager that the information isn't up to par with current scientific thinking? It doesn't matter, you can point little wands at pictures and the books will talk. Trust the Bush administration. They understand women's health issues better than anyone.

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Bush Secretly Appoints People While Congress Isn't There to Object 

The AP tells us Bush is setting records for sneaky appointments, adding a few more to his ever-growing list:

President Bush on Friday announced his intention to make 20 appointments during the congressional recess, including a new chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, a manufacturing czar and three ambassadors.

The Democrats have concerns, of course:

In a statement, Wyden said he hoped 'that this undemocratic process for naming a new chair won't result in consumers being hammered with high gas prices again and again.'"

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Polls showed the smallest postconvention bounce for a challenger since George McGovern was nominated in 1972 

What's happened to the bounce? Was the ball somewhat deflated? Why won't Terry McAuliffe return phone calls to the New York Times?

Why does Kerry gain points when he is on vacation?

Why does it seem contrived that Kerry saluted the delegates?

After a month of spending $100 million, they're right back where they started. Maybe it would have been better to hold no convention and to air no commercials. Maybe Kerry and the rest of the Undemocrats need to tell us something we don't already know. (Yes, we heard Kerry was a veteran.)

Maybe Kerry needs to start connecting with voters and stop pointing out the flag to them. We know it's there. Maybe Kerry needs to stop talking to the 60's generation and start talking to the 21st century generation of Americans who are not all in awe of the choruses of Vietnam war vets constantly surrounding him wherever he goes.

Maybe Kerry has to stop promising to start wars at the slightest provocation and start promising to bring peace and order and stability.

I don't need a trial lawyer, practiced in the subtle art of arm-twisting persuasion, to convince me. I need to be talked to like an intelligent human being.

Remember Gore and the way he talked down to people, like he was speaking to three-year-olds. Who told him to do that? Who's telling Kerry to talk like General Kerry? And who told him to pick Edwards. Sure he is very positive, but wouldn't Robert Redford have been a better choice? In fact, they should get Mr. Redford to coach Edwards in being slightly more serious and adult in his tone. Edwards behaves quite often like he's on the high school debate team and doesn't want to offend anyone on the faculty or in the audience.

Terry McAuliffe, whose troubles have just begun
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