Thursday, August 26

Prostitutes With Aids Plan To Seduce Republican Visitors 

we have no condoms
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[I couldn't make this up... direct from the Republican National Committee website.]

"NEXT WEEK, people who hate Republicans plan to release swarms of mice in New York City to terrorize delegates to the National Republican Convention.

"Republican-haters plan on dressing up as RNC volunteers, and giving false directions to little blue hair ladies from Kansas, sending them into the sectors of New York City that are unfit for human habitation.

"They plan on throwing pies and Lord knows what else at Republican visitors to the city. Prostitutes with AIDS plan to seduce Republican visitors, and discourage the use of condoms ...."

For Dailytravesty-dot-commies who want more Pop-eyed Paranoia in Party Hats, go to the Republican National Committee site www.rnc.org/rncresearch/read.aspx?ID=4576 and click on "protesters supporting Kerry."

I do hope the RNC can stop these evil doings in the Big Apple: the idea of people dressing up as Republicans gives me the creeps. And denying Republicans condoms only encourages them to reproduce.

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Wednesday, August 25

Groups Say Debate Commission Is Partisan 


Associated Press

Several groups say the Commission on Presidential Debates is partisan and undermines democracy.

Their report Monday criticized the commission for working with the major parties' candidates on how the debates should be run, including moderators and topics. It also objected to the exclusion of other candidates such as Ralph Nader from debate forums.

"The debates have been reduced to a series of glorified bipartisan news conferences, in which the Republican and Democratic candidates exchange memorized sound bites," the report said. Issuing the report were 11 groups, including the Brennan Center for Justice at the NYU School of Law, Judicial Watch, and the National Voting Rights Institute.

The report said debates should be organized by an independent, nonpartisan entity and suggested one such group would be the Citizens' Debate Commission. That group includes former FEC General Counsel Larry Noble and Alan Keyes, a former ambassador and current Republican Senate candidate in Illinois.

Janet Brown, a spokeswoman for the commission on presidential debates says she had not read the report. Since the Citizens' Debate Commission was founded though, she said, "it has persisted in disseminating completely inaccurate information about the CPD."


The Commission on Presidential Debates

CPD was founded by the two major parties

CPD has been co-chaired by the two former DNC and RNC chairmen since its founding in 1987

Nine of eleven CPD directors are prominent Republicans and Democrats

No third-party member is a CPD director

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Tuesday, August 24

White House Planes for Reporters 

Dana Milbank is worried about dying in a plane crash - one arranged by the White House, of course:

Now for an update on the White House's ongoing effort to kill the press corps. The White House travel office signed a contract last week with an airline called Primaris to fly the press corps to Bush events. The two-month-old company has only one airplane. True, media representatives gave their blessing to the deal. But that was before they learned that the company's president twice had his pilot's license revoked related to his flying of an "unairworthy" aircraft, that the chief executive flopped in his last attempt to start an airline and that the 15-year-old plane itself was damaged in a hailstorm a decade ago and spent most of the past two years mothballed in France.

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Celebrating the New Overtime Rules 

The AP says everyone loves the new overtime rules, except employees:

Several hundred union members marched outside the Labor Department to protest new overtime pay regulations taking effect Monday, with two senators pledging to try to roll them back when Congress returns from recess.

Protesters, many wearing union T-shirts, carried signs such as "President Bush: Hands off my overtime pay," and chanted, "Come on all you billionaires, give us wages that are fair."

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