Friday, October 1

In the Debates, Jim Lehrer Wins 

jim lehrer
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The only person asking really tough questions last night, questions about Darfur and ending the U.S. occupation of Iraq, was Jim Lehrer. He didn't have to ask those questions. Both Kerry and Bush were weak on how to get out of Iraq and to end the genocide in Southern Sudan. The fact is neither of them has an exit strategy for getting our troops out of the quagmire in the destroyed nation-state of Iraq and neither of them can offer any hope to the millions of refugees in Darfur who face death waiting in the desert.

The Iraqi war has been incredibly profitable to Bush's ally Saudi Arabia due to the rise in cost of oil. It has resulted in huge profits for Exxon-Mobil while the rest of the world is slowly pulling itself along in a dragging economy.

Kerry made only a skirting remark about crooked corporations like Halliburton profiting from the debacle in Iraq. I suspect both Kerry and Bush are deathly afraid of offending their corporate sponsors.

But Kerry and Bush seem to living in bubbles when Jim Lehrer asks how they are going to make America safer and Kerry responds that he would increase the number of policemen and firehouses as well as repairing our tunnels and bridges and the subway systems. In other words, Kerry promises that things will be prettier and cleaner for the terrorists to blow up.

In some cases, their responses frighten us when Bush says safer means being on the offensive. Nobody doubts Bush is offensive. But Kerry is deeply out of touch. The impression from watching last night's interview was that one knew his lines better than the other one.

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"If we keep settling, it is only going to get worse." 

"If we keep settling, it is only going to get worse."
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Dear Michael Moore,

You are certainly America's favorite big fat lovable liberal, but your "political perspective" has gotten dishearteningly narrower over the past four years especially to your most loyal fans.

Wasn't it you, Mr. Moore, that once said in 2000 to a group of young people, "Here is the thing I got to say to the young people here who are voting for the first time. If you don't vote your conscience now, when will you start to follow your conscience? If at the age of 18 or 19 or 20 years old.... if this is the very first election of your life and you decided to settle for less, how has that moved us forward? We are at the place we are at now because we have settled for so less for so long. If we keep settling it is only going to get worse. The lesser of two evils you still wind up with evil."

On your tour all across the country, your hollow words are clanging discordantly in giant college auditoriums as you flip flop around onstage and spend 90 minutes breathing hellfire and brimstone to innocent young corporate kids. You make Bush sound so evil that you're scaring young people into voting. Pretty ironic that if today were four years ago, you would be calling Kerry evil. Mike, why have you sold your soul to the corporation? Don't forget your pitchfork before you leave us for good. Nice knowing you...



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Thursday, September 30

Who Is To Be Liberated? 

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These upseting scenes are not why Bush invaded Iraq. But until the Western democracies withdraw then get used to seeing them on your TV screens.

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Wednesday, September 29

Damn Commies 

The AP tells us:
"The Russian Cabinet will approve ratification of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, the Interfax news agency reported Wednesday.

Moscow has wavered on ratification of the 1997 protocol, which can go into force only with Russian ratification. President Vladimir Putin vowed to speed up the ratification process in May in return for European Union approval of Russia's bid to join the Worth Trade Organization."

The joke's on them, though. There is no "Worth Trade Organization."

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Allawi: "Pockets of terrorists" Won't Prevent Elections 

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According to recent data published in the Times, in the past 30 days in Iraq, there have been 2,300 attacks directed by insurgents against civilians and U.S./Iraqi military targets, 1000 attacks in Baghdad alone, 3000 mortar rounds fired in Baghdad, accounting for an average of 80 attacks per day.

The CIA-appointed Interim Deputy Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said that only a small number - 3 or 4 - of Iraq's 18 provinces suffer from "pockets of terrorists" who have been waging a successful strategy of surprise attacks. In other words, Dr. Allawi says that elections could be held in 15 of the 18 provinces.

Yet according to the data, during the past 30 days those attacks totaled 283 in Nineveh, 325 in Salahuddin in the northwest and 332 in the desert area of Anbar Province in the west. In central Iraq, attacks numbered 76 in Babylon Province, 123 in Diyala and 13 in Wasit.

In other words, there was not a single province without an attack in the 30-day period.

Pockets of terrorists indeed.

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Monday, September 27

What, You Want Your Vote To Actually Count? 

The AP tells us that Carter is concerned about the third-world country we call Florida:

"Carter, citing the experience of his Carter Center in monitoring international elections, said 'some basic international requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida.' Most significant, he said, were requirements that a nonpartisan electoral commission or official organize and conduct the electoral process and that voting procedures be uniform for all citizens.

He said Florida's top election official in 2000, Secretary of State Katherine Harris, was 'highly partisan' and that Harris' successor, Glenda Hood, has shown 'the same strong bias.' He said Gov. Jeb Bush, the president's brother, had done little to 'correct these departures from principles of fair and equal treatment.'

'With reforms unlikely at this late stage of the election, perhaps the only recourse will be to focus maximum public scrutiny on the suspicious process in Florida,' Carter said. "

Yes, despite looking like quite the fool last time around, Florida is gearing up to do it again. On purpose. At the direction of the Governor, no less.

The best way for us to rig an election is to cause a low turnout, have a system in chaos, and aim to settle it all afterwards in courtrooms. It is always great when we have our operatives working in positions that influence how elections are run. We control the booths, access to them, and the counting process.

The trouble is, so many people are going to turn out to vote us out of office that we will have to take drastic measures to remain in power. Don't worry, we have spent the four years that we should have spent fixing the system looking for more loopholes and setting up cons and traps for others to fall in.

It is important for us to appear tied in polls going in to the election. If a candidate is up by more than 5 points in polls on Nov. 1, it makes our magic tricks harder to pull off without suspician.

Help us out Florida. Be confused.

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Counterterrorism Officials Remain Alarmed 

Each Monday, the government's at it again: warning Americans not to vote on November 2nd.

The Washington Post reports today ("Election Heightens Terrorism Offensive", 9/27/04) that the government has a "strategy" to deal with "terrorists" (they aren't terrorists, they are only thought to be terrorists and are on FBI watch lists which include anti-Bush activists recently arrested during New York's RNC protest in August).

What does the "strategy" by the government include? Heavy surveillance of anti-Bush activists by the FBI (this means phone tapping, casing their apartments, going into their computers and checking their emails, and what not). Also, heightened security: lots and lots of cops in sophisticated new equipment (gas masks) to protect them from a biological or chemical attack (concocted by the CIA).

According to the Washington Post story, "Counterterrorism officials concede they do not have new or specific intelligence outlining plans for an attack, but they say they remain alarmed."

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Sunday, September 26

"All The News That's (Not) Fit To Print" 

All the news that's fit to print
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In a 10,985 word article on new voter registration ("A Big Increase of New Voters in Swing States", 9/26/04), New York Times' Ford Fessenden does not once mention Independents.

In New Mexico, a swing state in the upcoming election, the Secretary of State's Office has recorded 16,005 voters who decline to identify with either major party. That accounts for a little over 30% of all new registered voters in that state since July this year.

According to officials in both the Democratic and Republican Parties, the Nader and voter ID issue are pushing people away from either party. Hence the growth in 'decline to states'.

In Arizona, both major parties claim to have registered new voters, but the fact is no gain on one another was made. Democrats attracted the lowest at 49,000 registrants, Republicans signed up 55,000, and Independent, or no-party, registration led with 60,000 new voters. I'm sure if you studied this trend in other swing states like New Hampshire, Maine and Oregon, you'd find the same thing going on. Independents make up a significant amount of new registrants.

The New York Times needs to do some reporting on this phenomenon.

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