Friday, October 8

Nader Whacks Bush, Kerry On The Skull 

On Wednesday, October 6th, Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader went to Yale's Skull and Bones Headquarters to deliver the following speech:

"George W. Bush and John Kerry have been members of the Yale secret society – Skull and Bones – since the late 60s. Hundreds of Bonesmen are in powerful positions at the top echelons of government and business. They are sworn to secrecy throughout their lives, bound together for life, says Yale’s William Sloane Coffin. Skull and Bones alumni have a common drive to get their members into “positions of power” and to have those members hire other members into similar positions of power, says Alexandra Robbins, author of the book, Secrets of the Tomb, and herself a member of another secret society at Yale.

Initiation rituals involve morbid admission of personal sexual experiences and coerced displays of sophomoric masochism and mystical mumbo jumbo, hooded robes and members carrying skulls and bombs according to a remote video of one recent ceremony.

All this might appear like a more extreme version of fraternity capers, but Skull and Bones is far more rigorous, enduring and embracing. Bones’ patriarchs converge on Deer Island, a forty acre “resort” on the St. Lawrence River. This secret society has revealed no limitations on its code of silence.

When asked about their membership in Skull and Bones, George W. Bush only said “it’s so secret I can’t talk about it.” Kerry was asked what it meant that both he and Bush are Bonesmen, he responded, “Not much because it’s a secret.”

When it comes to election campaigns and elected offices, principles of openness are supposed to operate in a democratic society. A secret society of powerful personages running for office or holding office raises several important questions:

How inclusive is this oath of secrecy?

Does this oath extend to member’s political and business careers?

What are the sanctions for breeching the secrecy? Do they extend to members political and business responsibilities?

Are Bonesmen expected to preferentially advance or select people for responsible positions who are Skull and Bones Patriarchs rather than base their choices on the merits of the various applicants for positions?

What general subject matters and roles of Bonesmen are outside the oath of secrecy or code of silence?

How do Bonesmen rank the oath to Skull and Bones when they have to take oaths to public office?

When oaths conflict, which takes precedence? Which takes their allegiance?

These are questions that cannot be cavalierly dismissed by Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry; if they cannot or will not answer them they should resign their membership in Skull and Bones publicly and immediately."

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Thursday, October 7

It's Decisive. Bush Is Great. 

My close personal friend, Alan Keyes, sent me another e-mail. In it he explains that our beloved presidential persona, GW Bush, has a record that is "not merely good, but among the very best."

It is true! It is all spelled out in a new book, "Thank You, President Bush" - Bush has made us safer and more free, his tax cuts have revived the economy, he's a powerful ally of women and children due to his faith... basically he is "the greatest conservative champion since Ronald Reagan himself."

Now some liberals will say that this is simply a last gasp, desperate effort to paint the Bush team as traditional republicans in the final days of a pretty poor election run by the son of the guy who lost before, and make some last minute cash off of some suckers. No way! This has nothing to do with the election. It is an unbiased look at the presidency by some of the greatest men (and a woman).

Really, who are you going to trust? The hundreds of business school professors who just signed a letter saying the President's policies are in danger of destroying the economy in ways never before imagined? Or are you going to trust the real experts: "Gov. Jeb Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft, Phyllis Schlafly, James Dobson, Ed Meese, George Shultz, Grover Norquist, and Stephen Moore"

Really. How can any silly liberal argue that Jeb Bush or Dick Cheney are biased and doing this merely for their own benefit?

Keyes makes it clear, this book should be bought by anyone who has a "friend or family member who doesn't back the President," which should amount to massive sales. Why? "So they can finally get an accurate portrayal of a George W. Bush's visionary leadership."

Oddly enough, Keyes makes no mention of his gay daughter or his campaign rapidly going down the tubes in Illinois. He does say that you "save X% off bookstore prices" - now that's a Republican deal!

X% is a lot of money to save.

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Tuesday, October 5

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Drink The Water 

I read today in the Washington Post an article that stated lead levels in drinking water are much higher than is being reported.

For example, "In New York City, the nation's largest water provider has for the past three years assured its 9.3 million customers that its water was safe because the lead content fell below federal limits. But the city has withheld from regulators hundreds of test results that would have raised lead levels above the safety standard in two of those years, according to records."

The Washington Post article goes on:

"After several years of above-the-limit test results, New York water officials reported that tests in 2000 showed lead had fallen to safe levels. But the city had not reported all of its results.

Records obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request revealed more than 300 withheld test results that, if reported, would have given New York water a failing grade for safety in 2001 and 2002. That would have required the city to alert the public to the problem and take expensive steps to fix it."

Now that the water is completely unsafe to drink I wonder what damage has been done to my body by consuming higher levels of lead than is considered safe to consume by the U.S. government.

Furthermore, are the levels of other heavy metals in the water, metals like Copper and Mercury, also being underreported by the City? Can a citizen sue the City for any damages?

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ABC Litters to Attract Viewers 

ABC is happy they had millions of viewers for a new show. How did they get such a big audience? The AP tells us:

"Since 'Desperate Housewives' had the tag line 'Everybody has a little dirty laundry,' ABC printed ads with that line on thousands of dry cleaning bags.

The network also hired people to plant plastic bottles on dozens of beaches, containing the message, 'Help me, I'm lost. You can find me on Wednesday, Sept. 22 on ABC,' the premiere date for 'Lost.'"

Desperate Housewives, or desperate network? Here they are openly and proudly, no less, admitting that they littered. Plastic, non-decomposing bottles scattered freely across our beautiful beaches. Plastic always makes beaches better.

Next year, for another new show, they plan to kill some baby seals and put their logo on them. Then, for a news magazine that they will debut in 2006, ABC plans to billow poisonous gasses into the air to create smoky images of the cohosts.

It is their right. They are a TV network after all. They have to find a way to pay the bills somehow. Poor little ABC.

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Ralph Nader Campaigns In Canada 

oh canada
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Ralph Nader not only has campaigned in all 50 states, he's even campaigning in foreign countries. He should plan a campaign stop in Iraq to speak to the soldiers about voting for him.

Ralph Nader urges U.S. expats in Canada to vote

by Keith Doucette

Canadian Press

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

HALIFAX (CP) - Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader pitched his uncompromising vision for political change to expatriate Americans living in Canada during a visit to Halifax on Monday.

The legendary consumer activist said the hundreds of thousands of expatriates in this country have likely gained an appreciation for what third parties like his can do, mainly because of the accomplishments of the New Democratic Party.

[rest of story is at http://www.canada.com/ ("Ralph Nader urges U.S. expats in Canada to vote")]

In a reader poll by the Toronto Globe and Mail to the question "Who would you most like to see win the U.S. presidential election in November?", Nader got the most votes.

George W. Bush
3662 votes (12 %)

John Kerry
10399 votes (33 %)

Ralph Nader
17491 votes (55 %)

Total Votes: 31552

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Monday, October 4

RI's Republican Senator Will Not Vote For Bush 

Bush is a strange bird -- a guy running on the unity theme who manages to alienate even long-time Republicans. Now Lincoln Chafee, a moderate Republican from Rhode Island, has declared his intention to vote for 'anyone but Bush.' Of course he isn't going to vote for Kerry. As he says, he's in enough trouble. But he plans to write in a Republican candidate rather than pull the lever for George W. Bush. From the NY Times:
"For Mr. Chafee, who was a prep school buddy of the president's brother Jeb and whose father, the late Senator John Chafee, was close to the first President Bush, that day was the beginning of an estrangement with the president, whom he had worked to elect. In the months since, he has opposed Mr. Bush on everything from tax cuts to gay marriage and the war in Iraq. Now, this life-long Republican has concluded that he cannot cast his ballot for the leader of his party.

"I'll vote Republican," he said, explaining that he would choose a write-in candidate, perhaps George Bush the elder, as a symbolic act of protest. Asked if he wanted Senator John Kerry to be president, Mr. Chafee shook his head sadly, as if to say he could not entertain the question. "I've been disloyal enough," he said.

Interestingly, Republicans are laying off.
But Grover Norquist, a leading conservative and president of Americans for Tax Reform, said it would be ludicrous to challenge Mr. Chafee. "A Republican from Rhode Island is a gift from the gods," Mr. Norquist said, "and is not to be looked at askance."

Chafee, raised in a wealthy family, left home after attending Brown University and spent the next 7 years shoeing horses for a living in Montana. He said dealing with horses every day gave him a great preparation for politics.

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