Thursday, October 21

When Things Get Tough... 

The AP tells us that when things get tough, the tough go... on vacation back to the ranch.

The Republican, who has dubbed his Crawford, Texas, ranch the 'Western White House,' makes his 40th and 41st trips to Pennsylvania when he visits Downingtown and Hershey on Thursday and Wilkes-Barre on Friday.

In comparison, Bush has visited his Crawford home 40 times since 2001, according to the White House travel office. He returns to Texas on Saturday for his 41st visit since taking office.

Gotta squeeze a couple more vacation days at the ranch. What good would campaigning on one of two remaining Saturdays before the election be?

Saturday would be a good day to spring the October surprise, and present a controlled statement from a known location that can be retreated into after said announcement. Of course, this would require smarts and coordination. It could just be that the president is sick of people and wants to come home and have a drink.

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Tuesday, October 19

Sinclair Tightens Noose Around Its Own Neck 

My, my. The AP says Sinclair Boradcasting is losing its cool:
"Leiberman, 29, said he told DeFeo he would not participate in preparing the program about the film and that he objected to it being labeled news rather than commentary.

'We have no further comment on the actions of a disgruntled employee or an ongoing personnel matter,' the Sinclair statement said. 'Viewers can grade Leiberman's opinion versus the reality when the finished product is aired.'

Leiberman said he was not disgruntled and that the company had largely treated him well before now.

'I love what I do, but I love doing news. ... And I just felt like nobody was listening.'

Earlier this month, Sinclair ordered its 62 TV stations across the country to pre-empt regular programming to air the show. In Baltimore, the show airs on Friday; at least some other stations were planning to show it Saturday.

Leiberman was chosen by Sinclair last year to start the company's four-person Washington bureau. He said Sinclair told him that he was fired for cause and would receive no severance.

'I know I stood up for the principles of objectivity,' he said. 'In journalism, all we have is credibility and objectivity.'"

That's good management by Sinclair. Firing a news reporter who is standing up for credibility and objectivity is brilliant. Maybe they can get rid of all their so-called "journalists" and really have an effective news organization. Who needs reporters when you have management that can make all the decisions for them?

For some strange reason, though, Sinclair's stock keeps dropping. Don't the shareholders understand that these biased political maneuvers causing boycotts and advertising losses will be good for the bottom line? After everyone is in jail or fired?

They have got to learn that Sinclair managers are gods and whatever they want they get. It's the public airwaves, after all. That means they can be effectively hijacked by a couple of rich individuals for their personal gain.

Whatever you do, don't notice that there are Sinclair stations in Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Maryland, Maine, etc. Certainly don't write to them and tell them you are joining the boycott, and by all means, stay away from writing to any of their local advsertisers and telling them you are boycotting advertisers who spend money with Sinclair.

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"I Picked the Wrong Time to Write a Children's Book" 

Reuters informs us that Bill O'Reilly, the FOX channel's talkative blowhard, will not be promoting his children's book during his sex scandal:
"Fox News Channel's star host Bill O'Reilly has canceled a series of TV interviews to promote his new children's book days after a former producer accused him in a lawsuit of sexual harassment, his publisher said on Monday."

One would think that with all the additional publicity of the case, parents would be eager to have their children meet Mr. Vibrator and have them sign their books in malls across the country.

I mean, really, what has this country come to when a sexual predator who makes obscene phone calls to co-workers can't promote a children's book?

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Sunday, October 17

But Mom, Mom and Dad Said It Was OK 

This sound like fun, from the The Guardian:
"Scientists are seeking permission to carry out experiments that would result in children being born with three biological parents. UK medical authorities say they will almost certainly approve the application in the next few weeks.

The aim of the technique is to prevent mothers passing on degenerative genetic diseases to their children. But campaigners say it could lead to significant increases in elderly women having children. They also claim it represents an unacceptable step towards the creation of designer babies. "

Children with extra arms and legs are next, along with children that are part pet. Some kids will have extra eyes in the back of their heads, and others will have no mouths. Brains will be made smaller. Offspring will be able to carry heavier loads and work longer days without rest or food. Grandkids with 18 grandparents will be normal.

Welcome to 2005.

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