Tuesday, October 26

Alan Keyes Fights Against His Daughter 

In a recent message to me, once again asking for money (what a beggar), Alan Keyes decided to really let his anger flow... against homosexuals like his daughter:

Dear friend of the family and enemy of my daughter,

Radical homosexual-agenda leaders like my daughter have declared me Public Enemy #1 and are spending over a million dollars on vicious, false TV ads to defeat me.

I need your help.

You may know that I have been the U.S. House leader to protect traditional marriage from the radical agenda of my daughter and the homosexual lobby by sponsoring the Marriage Protection Amendment.

What you may not know is that the last sponsor of the Amendment was defeated for re-election, and now the bull's eye is on my back, painted there by my daughter.

My daughter and leaders of the homosexual lobby know if they can take me out, no one will stand against them in the future.

I have no other choice but to ask for urgent help from pro-family, anti-daughter Americans like you, by going to:"

Then he asks for more money.

Why he is so upset with his daughter we do not know. Her lesbianism wasn't any worse than Mary Cheney's, for gosh sakes, and Dick isn't coming out of his bunker to blast her way of life.

Maybe Alan is just getting desperate in his campaign, and realizes that after Tuesday there will be fewer opportunities to raise large amounts of money from his friends like me.

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