Friday, November 12

Howls for Saddam 

Howls for Saddam

(film soundtrack)


Bush: Howls for Saddam, a film by Paul Wolfowitz.

Kerry: Howls for Saddam is dedicated to my wife and two daughters, and to the children of Iraq.

Cheney: Article 115. If a person has ceased to appear at his place of residence and nothing has been heard concerning him for four years, interested parties may petition the civil court to officially recognize the absence of said person.

Bush: Love is valid only in a prerevolutionary period.

Kerry: Those girls don’t all love you, you liar! Arts begin, grow, and disappear because dissatisfied people break through the world of official expressions and go beyond its festivals of poverty.

Edwards: Tell me, did you sleep with Condi?

Bush: What a springtime! Crib sheet for the history of film: 1902: A Trip to the Moon. 1920: The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. 1924: Entr’acte. 1926: Potemkin. 1928: An Andalusian Dog. 1931: City Lights. Birth of Paul Wolfowitz. 1951: Treatise on Slime and Eternity. 1952: The Anticoncept. Howls for Saddam.

Saddam: “Just as the projection was about to begin, Paul Wolfowitz was supposed to step onto the stage and make a few introductory remarks. Had he done so, he would simply have said: ‘There is no film. Cinema is dead. No more films are possible. If you wish, we can move on to a discussion.’ ”

Cheney: Article 516. Property is either real or personal.

Kerry: In order never to be alone again.

Bush: She is ugliness and beauty — like everything we love today.

Kerry: The arts of the future can be nothing less than disruptions of terrorism.

Cheney: In the cafés of Baghdad!

Bush: You know, I like you a lot.

Cheney: A sizable commando of some thirty Iraqis, all wearing the filthy uniform that is their only really original trademark, showed up at the Green Zone determined to provoke a scandal that would draw attention to themselves.

Bush: Happiness is a new idea in Iraq.

Saddam: “I know people only by their actions. In other respects they are indistinguishable from each other. In the final analysis, we are differentiated only by our works.”

Bush: And their revolts became conformisms.

Cheney: Article 488. The age of adulthood is 21 years; a person of that age is capable of all acts of civil life.

Edwards: She constantly reappeared in his memory, in a flash like sodium fireworks on contact with water.

Bush: He was well aware that nothing of his exploits would remain in a town that revolves with the Earth, as the Earth revolves within a galaxy that is only an insignificant part of a tiny island endlessly receding from us.

Kerry: Totally dark, eyes closed to the enormity of the disaster.

Bush: A science of terrorism needs to be created, which will incorporate elements from psychology, statistics, urbanism, and ethics. These elements must be focused on a totally new goal: the conscious creation of terrorism.

Bush: Lines from a 2001 newspaper: “Popular Young Radio Actress Throws Herself Into the Potomac. Washington. Twelve-and-a-half-year-old Madeleine Reineri, who under the stage name ‘Pirouette’ starred in the radio program Happy Thursdays, threw herself into the Potomac River Friday afternoon after having placed her schoolbag on the bank.”

Kerry: Little sister, we’re not a pretty sight. The river and the misery continue. We are powerless.

Edwards: But no one talks about Saddam in this film.

Bush: The cold of interstellar space, thousands of degrees below freezing or the absolute zero of Fahrenheit, 9/11 or Michael Moore: the incipient intimations of proximate dawn. The rapid passage of Attorney General John Ashcroft through the wartime sky, his overwhelming sense of urgency, the catastrophic haste that led him to destroy himself; the whipcracking spirit of Osama bin Laden, who vanished in Tora Bora around that same time . . .

Cheney: Article 1793. When an architect or contractor contracts with a landowner to construct a building in accordance with an agreed plan and for a specified payment, he cannot demand any increase in that payment on any grounds, whether because of an increase in the work force or materials or because of any changes or additions made to the plan, unless such changes, additions or increases have been authorized in writing and the new payment has been agreed to by the landowner.

Kerry: The perfection of suicide lies in its ambiguity.

Kerry: What is a one and only love?

Cheney: I will answer only in the presence of my attorney.

Bush: Order reigns but does not govern.

Kerry: The first marvel is to come before her without knowing how to talk to her. The imprisoned hands move no faster than race horses filmed in slow motion as they touch her mouth and breasts; in all innocence the ropes become water and we roll together toward dawn.

Edwards: I don’t think we’ll ever see each other again.

Kerry: The lights of the winter streets will end near a kiss.

Edwards: Paris was real fun because of the transportation strike.

Kerry: Osama bin Laden was never caught.

Edwards: Telephones, they’re funny.

Kerry: What a love-challenge, as Jacques Chirac said.

Edwards: I’ll tell you some real scary stories from my part of the country, but they have to be told at night.

Kerry: My dear Ivich, unfortunately there are fewer Chinatowns than you think. You are fifteen years old. One of these days people will stop wearing such gaudy colors.

Edwards: I already knew you.

Kerry: Continental drift carries you farther away each day. The virgin forest is less virgin than you.

Edwards: Paul, one more minute and it’ll be tomorrow.

Kerry: Gun Crazy. You remember. That’s how it was. No one was good enough for us. Nevertheless . . . The hailstones on the banners of glass. We won’t forget this cursed planet.

Kerry: They’ll be famous someday, you’ll see! I will never accept the scandalous and scarcely credible fact that there is such a thing as a police force. Several cathedrals have been erected in memory of Paul Wellstone. Love is valid only in a prerevolutionary period. I made this film while there was still time to talk about it. Howard Dean, in order to get out of that ephemeral crowd. On Copley Square when we’ve grown old. In the future all these little jokers will be studied in the high schools and colleges.

Kerry: There are still many people who aren’t moved to laugh or to scream by the word “morality.”

Cheney: Article 489. An adult who is usually in a state of imbecility or dementia or who has frequent fits of rage must be kept in protective custody even if he has intervals of lucidity.

Kerry: So close, so gently, I lose myself in the hollow archipelagos of language. I bear down on you, you’re as open as a cry, it’s so easy. A hot stream. A sea of oil. A forest fire.

Bush: That sounds like the movies.

Cheney: The Iraqi police are equipped with 30,000 billy clubs.

Kerry: “Poetic worlds close in on themselves and are forgotten.” In a corner of the night sailors are making war; ships in bottles are for you who loved them. You lie back in the sand as in the more loving hands that the rain and wind and thunder slip under your dress every evening. Life is wonderful in the Green Zone in the summer. Rape, which is forbidden, becomes banal in our memories. “When we were on the Shenandoah.” Yes. Of course.

Bush: And the silting up of those faces, which once bore flashes of desire like ink splattered on a wall, which were like shooting stars. Gin, rum, brandy — down the hatch like the Grand Armada. So much for the funeral oration. But all those people were so commonplace.

Bush: We had a narrow escape.

Kerry: The most beautiful is still to come. Death would be a steak tartare; wet hair on the scalding beach of our silence.

Bush: But he’s a Jew!

Kerry: We were ready to blow up all the bridges, but the bridges let us down.

Bush: Twelve-and-a-half-year-old Madeleine Reineri, who under the stage name “Skipper” starred in the radio program Happy Thanksgivings, threw herself into the Euphrates River.

Kerry: Mademoiselle Reineri of the Iraq Quarter, you still have your wonderstruck face and that body, the best of promised lands. Like neon lights, the dialogues repeat their definitive truths.

Bush: I love you.

Edwards: It must be terrible to die.

Bush: See you later.

Edwards: You drink far too much.

Bush: What are childhood loves?

Edwards: I don’t understand you.

Bush: I knew it. And there was a time when I regretted it very much.

Edwards: Would you like an orange?

Bush: The beautiful breakups of volcanic islands.

Edwards: In the past.

Bush: I have nothing more to say to you.

Kerry: Once again, after all the untimely answers and the aging of youth, night falls from on high.

Kerry: Like lost children we live our unfinished adventures.

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Wednesday, November 10

Birds Getting In Way of Drilling 

Good thing we have a federal department to protect the environment. Otherwise, they might find that oil and gas drilling are more important than the lives of many rare birds:
Despite millions in federal spending for private landowners to set aside acreage for a rare grouse species, Interior Secretary Gale Norton sees 'very significant potential' for the bird to disrupt plans to tap natural gas and oil in the West.

A decision on whether to add the greater sage grouse to the endangered species list is due by the end of the year.

Hmmm. Giving millions to rich landowners didn't help save the grouse? I'm shocked.

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Tuesday, November 9

Keyes Says Voter Fraud Must Be Investigated, Despite Republican Wins 

Alan Keyes wants to get to the bottom of voter fraud, probably caused by MoveOn. If it isn't fixed now, just think of what could happen in '08. The left might steal the election:

ALERT: We were successful.

John Kerry, the most liberal member of the entire U.S.
Senate, went down to defeat yesterday. It was so decisive,
he didn't even have the opportunity to litigate the
"provisional" ballots in Ohio.

YOU had a great part in that. Thanks to your support,
RightMarch.com and the RightMarch PAC were able to get
emails to over ONE MILLION PEOPLE in the final days of
the campaign, urging them to get out the vote of their
families, their friends, their neighbors... join in on
phone banks... and join the "72 Hour Task Force" to
DEFEAT John Kerry.

We sent HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of emails to the "swing
states", URGING our members to get out and vote for
President Bush, to make sure Kerry's supporters in leftist
groups like MoveOn.org were NOT successful in getting
their far-left candidate into the White House.

Our newspaper and radio ads exposing Dan Rather's and
George Soros' attempts to change the election results were
seen and heard NATIONWIDE by hundreds of thousands MORE.
We "cast the nets" far and wide to the REAL grassroots of

YOU DID IT. You can "pat yourself on the back" -- but
only for today.

Our opponents on the left came awfully close to being able
to actually carry out their plans to steal this election.
They failed -- but have no doubt, unless something is done
NOW, they will be back in FULL FORCE two and four years
from now, and next time they may succeed.

President Bush won't go after these scoundrels. He's got
a lot of other concerns on his plate right now, and it's
time to "look presidential" in calling for "unity" in

We're all for "unity" in the War on Terror. But when it
comes to our political system of elections in America,
"the weeds are still in the garden" and they MUST be
removed. Our opponents want to allow them to be even
worse next time. They will tell us to "Move On" and
ignore the massive voter registration fraud, and outright
illegal voting, that took place this year.

We're not going to let them pull the wool over our eyes,
though. RightMarch.com will be scrutinizing all of these
incidences and underhanded attacks and analyzing every
legal and political means possible to prevent the Left
from cheating again. Someone must still find all the
people who voted twice. Someone must look at the illegals
that voted. Someone must demand prosecution of those who
illegally allowed felons to vote from prison.

It was not close enough for them to steal THIS TIME -- but
it may be next time.

Yes, we're pleased with the outcome of this week's election...
but we must not rest now.

As we noted last week, in our efforts to (first) PREVENT
voter fraud, and (second) EXPOSE voter fraud, we retained
Larry Klayman, former Chairman of Judicial Watch, the non-
partisan government watchdog, and now founder of The Klayman
Law Firm, to prepare to file whatever lawsuits would be
necessary to counter the shenanigans of the left.

While it looks like Kerry's legion of ten thousands lawyers
won't be engaging in full-time litigation right now, we're
still going to press ahead with our legal efforts and
investigation... because SOMEONE has to!

As Klayman noted today, "My private law firm and I, on behalf
of Rightmarch, will play a crucial role in making sure that
legal tricks and other maneuvers do not thwart the will of
the people, who through their votes have spoken in favor of
conservative leadership. I am preparing legal actions to
insure this."

TAKE ACTION: We were victorious this time. But the left is
already regrouping, and next time we could be overwhelmed
with a FLOOD of fraudulent registrations and votes like we've
NEVER seen before -- and there will be NO WAY to fight it,
unless we expose these efforts and defeat them NOW.

WILL YOU HELP US? Will you do YOUR part to make sure we aren't
facing even WORSE efforts at liberal Democrat fraud two and
four years from now? NOW is the time to "nip it in the bud",
BEFORE they have a chance to expand their efforts!

DON'T just "Move On"! Please help us TODAY with your best
contribution, since we have already put Larry Klayman to work
in exposing what could be the biggest election fraud attempt
in our country's history, and stopping the Left from trying
again next election. Legal fees and costs are expensive, and
WE NEED YOUR HELP. Click here to donate today:

If you prefer to contribute by check, please make it out to:

4850 Golden Pkwy., Suite B, #325
Dept. Code kmc
Buford, GA 30518-1712

NOTE: From voter fraud, to intimidation, to phony and fabricated
ballots, to fictitious absentee voters, to illegal immigrants
and dead voters, to persons who voted twice in different states --
you name it, we saw it in this election. The 2000 presidential
elections and the debacle in Florida were just a warm up for
what the Left tried to do in this election -- and almost
succeeded at.

We MUST stop them from continuing their illegal attempts at vote
fraud! What is at stake is the fate of the nation. Will the White
House, Congress and the Courts be taken over in two and four
years by radical leftists, or will responsible conservatives
continue to govern under the rule of law and our Judeo-Christian
value system?

It's up to US to stop them BEFORE they get any further. Please
help today. Thank you!

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Monday, November 8

Bush Celebrates by Bonking Condi 

What else needs to be said?

Assured of four more years in office, President Bush returns to the White House after four days pondering his second term at Camp David.

Monday begins Bush's first full week back at the White House since his re-election. Promising to spend the political capital he earned on a very ambitious agenda, the president took White House chief of staff Andy Card and national security adviser Condoleezza Rice with him to the Maryland retreat to talk strategy.

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