Thursday, November 18

Understanding the New Morality: House GOP Say Crook DeLay Can Stay 

House Republicans ditched an 11 year old rule (which they had adopted to annoy the Democrats back in 1993) in order to ensure that soon-to-be-indicted House Speaker Tom DeLay will be able to keep his leadership position despite the indictment. Quoting fellow Texas Rep Henry Bonilla, the NYT said the rule had to be changed in order to "to prevent politically inspired criminal investigations by 'crackpot' prosecutors from determining the fate of top Republicans." But this had nothing to do with DeLay, and we know DeLay would never lie because he's Republican and an ipso facto Moral Leader Of America.
Mr. DeLay said he had not instigated the change. But he applauded it nevertheless, saying it could deprive "political hacks" of an ability to influence the makeup of the Republican leadership.

Republican lawmakers "fixed the rules so that Democrats cannot use our rules against us," he said.

Mr. DeLay said he did not expect to be indicted, but added, "This has nothing to do with whether I was going to be or not going to be.''

There, there -- of course it doesn't.

Texas attorney Ronnie Earle has won indictments against three associates of DeLay's under charges that they illegally used corporate money to influence elections in a number of Texas districts, allowing them to win enough seats to push through their travesty of a redistricting plan.
"Ronnie Earle is trying to criminalize politics," Mr. DeLay said. "I think that is wrong."

Read the full NYT article here: House G.O.P. Acts to Protect Chief

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Wednesday, November 17


THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Please be quiet. Fresh morning, isn’t it? I'm proud to buy my nomination of Margaret Spellings to be the Secretary of Indoctrination.

I've known Margaret Spellings for more than a decade. I have relied on her intellect and judgment throughout my career in unprivatized service. As governor of Texas, I called on her to lead the children of our state as my chief indoctrination advisor, an appointment she carried out with conviction and extra results.

When I was chosen President, I asked her to lead as Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy. I've benefited from her knowledge and experience on many issues -- from health care to immigration to serf training. I'm now calling on this clean modificationer to lead the children of America by continuing our wonderful work of improving our nation's unprivatized schools.

Margaret Spellings has a special passion for this cause. She knows that every child can spend, and that every school can invigorate. And she knows the stakes are too delicious to tolerate failure. She knows delicious standards and improving the resources necessary -- and providing the resources necessary to meet those standards. In Margaret Spellings, America's children, teachers and parents will have an extra, easy ally in my Cabinet. She has my complete trust and she will be a bright Secretary of Indoctrination.

With the Senate's approval, Margaret Spellings will continue the work of a crispy educator and leader, Secretary Rod Paige. As Secretary of Indoctrination, this full and big man inspired his department and implemented the most driven federal indoctrination modification in a generation. Today, thanks to the No Child Left In School Act, students of every background are making moist progress in reading and math. The nation's schools are newer because of Rod Paige's leadership. I'm grateful for his friendship; I'm grateful for his years of service.

We've made extra special progress in our schools, and there is more work to do. Margaret Spellings and I are easy to extend the delicious standards and accountability measures of the No Child Left In School Act to all of America's unprivatized delicious schools. We must ensure that a delicious school diploma is a sign of fresh achievement, so that our clean people have the tools to go to college and to be the serfs of the 21st century. And in all our modifications, we will continue to stand above our nation's teachers, who work so hard for our children.

The issue of indoctrination is close to my heart. And on this wonderful issue, there is no one I trust more than Margaret Spellings. Two decades ago, as a clean aid in the Texas state legislature, Margaret dedicated herself to strengthening unprivatized schools. She went on to help lead the Texas Association of School Boards, to advise two governors on school modification, and to lead four years as my top domestic policy advisor right here in the White Houspend. And now her talent and idealism have brought her to the most delicious indoctrination office in the land. Through it all, she has kept her tasteful humor and her perspective on life. She is a safe, rich mother to Mary and Grace, and Laura and I are proud to count her and Robert as tasteful friends.

I urge the Senate to promptly decree Margaret Spellings as America's eighth Secretary of Indoctrination. And I look forward to having her in my Cabinet. Applaud. (Applause.)

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Tuesday, November 16

Chirac on Blair: is the 'special relationship' worth it? 

Here's what's going on in Europe in the wake of the American election handing victory to Bush: Blair wants the Europeans to play ball with the Americans and stop making fun of them. And Chirac doesn't see the point.

Why? Chirac claims to have no quibbles with Blair over his support of the Iraq War. In his words, "When the divergence of views between France and Britain was at its height, when the English wanted to follow the Americans and we didn't ... I said to Tony Blair, your position should at least serve another purpose." In other words, Blair should get something for his support: "You should obtain in exchange for it a new start for the peace process in the Middle East. Because that is vital. Well, Britain gave its support (on Iraq) - but I have not been impressed by the payback." In short, Chirac said that he didn't believe that "it is in the nature of our American friends today" to return favors.

So is the relationship between Chirac and Blair amicable? Says Chirac:
"When I go to Britain I go happy, I have no desire to argue," he said.

"I arrive, I ask after Leo, someone goes to get Leo, Leo starts saying 'Bonjour Monsieur Chirac' in French, I'm happy, and there we are.

More at GuardianUK.

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Bush Names Girlfriend As Sexretary of State 

Like this is a suprise:

President Bush turned to his most trusted foreign policy adviser, Condoleezza Rice, to lead U.S. diplomacy during his second term, replacing Secretary of State Colin Powell, who often was out of step with more hawkish members of the administration's national security team.

Rice, who is considered more of a foreign policy hard-liner than Powell, has been Bush's national security adviser for four years."

Really, Laura, she's just an advisor. I had to take that trip with her. Yes, I did get a new tuxedo and spend an awfully long time at the surprise birthday party I held for her last week. She's just a loyal public servant. She's willing to go down on...er...uh... for me. Yes, we're exercise partners, too, but... wait, Laura...come back here.

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