Wednesday, December 22

Republicans Claim Vote Fraud 

Republicans are joining Democrats in their belief that there was voter fraud during the last election. In Washington:
: "About 350 people gathered Tuesday to show support for Rossi in front of the Supreme Court, at a rally sponsored by a conservative talk-radio station.

The crowd chanted 'No more fraud!' They held signs saying 'Welcome to Ukraine' and wore orange, a tribute to the signature color of demonstrators in Ukraine who protested a fraud-marred election there."

Sure, everyone differs on WHO was committing the fraud, but one thing is clear. The people, Republicans and Democrats, don't trust the results of their elections anymore.

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Tuesday, December 21

Bush Declines To Debate Himself 

President Bush says:
"'The temptation is going to be ... to get me to negotiate with myself in public. To say, you know, 'What's this mean, Mr. President? What's that mean?' I'm not going to do that,' Bush said. 'The law will be written in the halls of Congress. And I will negotiate with them, with the members of Congress.'"

This was on the day he said "Happy Holidays" to the world, instead of Merry Christmas, proving he hates Christians and Christmas.

Is the crazy guy going more crazy? Stay tuned....

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