Friday, January 7

Why Must I Chase The Cat? 

Bush takes a break from Condo life for an annual tradition:
President Bush gave the dog to his wife for her 58th birthday in November, but the 10-week-old puppy had to wait to move into the White House.

So that's what the kids are calling it these days...
Barney often ignores commands from the president to come and has to be chased down and carried

Too bad the people working in the administration aren't this loyal, eh?

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Thursday, January 6

For All You Do 

We're giving the president a gift, worth more than the donation he made to the Tsunami victims:
"President Bush will have to clear space on a couple of White House end tables for the gift commemorating his second inauguration - a pair of hand-cut, crystal hurricane lamps engraved with a likeness of the nation's mansion.

Created by Lenox Crystal of Lawrenceville, N.J., the 18-inch high lamps, made of pure lead crystal, feature a silver-plated base engraved with Bush's name and the inauguration date. A similar set, with the Capitol etched in the lamps, will be presented to Vice President Dick Cheney.

This is the fifth year that Lenox has been asked to create the inaugural gift, the only gift Bush will receive from the nation."

Appropriately, the lamps are hurricane lamps, to be used in total disaster.

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Wednesday, January 5

Did You get Invited? 

As they usually do, the Bush administration is having a party at a resort with energy industry executives:

"Bush administration environmental officials and senior members of Congress are to speak to business leaders at an Arizona resort this week in what is being billed as a chance for executives to determine strategy over wine, meals and golf.

Sponsors call it a venue for increasing Western participation in federal energy and environmental policies. Frank O'Donnell, head of the environmental group Clean Air Watch, calls the gathering a forum for 'polluter lobbyists to buy access to top federal and state officials.'

Interior Secretary Gale Norton is to be the keynote speaker at a dinner Thursday night sponsored by one of the world's largest gold mining companies, Placer Dome Inc. (PDG) of Vancouver, Canada.

Dan DuBray, an Interior Department spokesman, said the access that business people will gain to Norton is proper since 'it is not uncommon for these business sectors to be linked to the issues that the Department of the Interior handles on a regular basis.'"

Right. It's totally proper for the head of the regulatory agency to meet with those they regulate, at a party sponsored by gold companies. Wine, meals, golf, and watching some plebes thrown to the lions. All in a good day's work for the hopelessly out-of-touch crowd.

And some people think the government is on their side. Ha! Only if you own gold mines.

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Sunday, January 2

Radical Cleric Dobson Threatens More Sitting Senators 

The AP tells us:
"A January letter from Dobson to supporters of Focus on the Family, the Colorado Springs-based group he founded, suggests that Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D. was defeated in November in part for blocking votes on Bush nominees.

'Let his colleagues beware, especially those representing 'red' states,' Dobson says, a reference to states that voted for Bush. 'Many of them will be in the 'bull's-eye' the next time they seek re-election.'"

Dobson is high as a kite, drunk with perceived self-greatness, and feels it necessary to make threats to get his way, rather than simply presenting his ideas on their merits. What a weakling to resort to this method. He must not feel he has true support.

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