Tuesday, January 11

Bush Says Social Security Is Real, Fundamental, and an Obligation 

The AP tells us how Bush feels about Social Security:

"As to whether the current situation constitutes a crisis, he said, 'You can call it whatever you want to call it, whatever adjective you want to describe the problem. I think it's real, I think it's fundamental, I think we have an obligation. ... I would also say that I think people are taking a risk politically if they stand up and say it's not a problem, because I think most people realize it is, particularly younger people.'"

Social Security is fine for the next 40-75 years according to the Social Security auditors. And the $3 trillion Bush worries about being such a burden is far less than the many trillions his other programs - prescription "benefits" and homeland secuirty. So that's a lie unless he wants to reform his "innovations".

So what is his approach? Go after young people with no life experience and claim that they have the wisdom to agree with him on this. Yes, grown-ups see that there is no problem whatsoever, but kids, well, they aren't so bright. They'll fall for it, he thinks.

Also, it seems that Bush doesn't even want to use the word "crisis" anymore. Social Security, he said, is real, fundamental, and an obligation.

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Monday, January 10

Cheney Discussed in Past Tense 

From the AP today. Telling:
"'He was so influential that it was almost insulting to call him a vice president,' said Paul Light, professor of public service at New York University. 'He was a mentor, chair of the kitchen Cabinet, legitimizer, Rasputin - you name it - all rolled into one. Those roles have been chipped away over time.'"

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