Saturday, January 22

Rich People Live Differently 

The Washington Post says:

"One of the most glamorous points of departure for yesterday's exodus was Manassas Regional Airport, where at noon private jets were rolling up to the glass terminal like so many taxicabs. At least three congressmen breezed in, hitching rides with moneyed friends. The Rev. Jerry Falwell came through with an entourage and took off for Lynchburg, Va.

The crowd, distinguished by a scattering of furs and boots, enjoyed silvery trays of jet-shaped sugar cookies and retold tales of inaugural bliss -- so many receptions, dinners, balls and prayer breakfasts -- as they waited for private flights home.

It was a swell several days indeed, they agreed, with only minor unpleasantness: a line here, a wayward protester there, cold feet.

Robin Greco said that when she and her husband hit a long line at a security checkpoint for the parade, their solution was simple: They just went to SunTrust Bank on Pennsylvania Avenue, where they enjoyed tenderloin, drinks and a prime, heated view. Her bank in Savannah, Ga., provided them with tickets to the exclusive party.

'We have accounts at the bank,' she explained. "

The story goes on tto tell of someone who saw "two cruddy people" who he thought people might think "they were trash". Another visitor was shocked at crazy protestors who thought that Bush might lead the US to war somewhere.

All of them were annoyed by protestors. One 80 year old, Mr. Boring (really), felt protestors were full of nonsense and caused confusion for him. He felt there should be new laws against protestors. So un-American to exercise free speech, or something like that.

Protestors 1, Bush fans 0

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Friday, January 21


The Washington Post says:

"President Bush's soaring rhetoric yesterday that the United States will promote the growth of democratic movements and institutions worldwide is at odds with the administration's increasingly close relations with repressive governments in every corner of the world. "

Mmm. Close relations with repressive governments. Sounds like fun.

Tyranny IS the new terrorism.....

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Wednesday, January 19

Bush Visits Victims Hit By Tsunami of Wealth 

The AP let's us know that:

"...Wednesday, Bush was making a dash through three 'candlelight dinners' with the heaviest donors to the inauguration. All were closed to journalists.

Tickets for the candlelight dinners were distributed to those who chipped in $250,000 or $100,000 to the inauguration. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and their wives were attending the candlelight dinners.

The inaugural committee raised money from corporations and individuals to finance galas and other festivities during inauguration week. Through Friday, the committee had collected $25.5 million toward a goal of $40 million.

The biggest donors, those donating $250,000, also got four seats to Bush's swearing-in ceremony; 10 VIP seats at the inaugural parade; and two tickets to an underwriters' luncheon featuring Bush and Cheney."

All getting together to celebrate freedom, of course. The freedom to be rich and get laws passed by your new bestest friend.

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Tuesday, January 18

Activist Corporateers Finance Bush Coronation 

Reuters gives the details:
"Political scientist George Edwards of Texas A & M University said he didn't fault the president's supporters for indulging in a little splendor but said the huge donations feed a cynical view of the influence of special interests.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the events were a time to 'celebrate freedom' and 'pay tribute to our men and women in uniform.' A formal salute to troops is part of the inaugural program.

Donors to the inaugural celebrations include corporations such as Ford Motor Co., Marathon Oil and Northrop Grumman as well as lobby groups like the American Bankers Association and the National Association of Home Builders.

Contributions have also poured in from donors such as Alex Spanos, owner of the San Diego Chargers football team, and Carl Lindner, owner of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team."

Using the cover story of supporting troops, these folks plan to enter and ethics-free zone and make deals to get favorable legislation for themselves.

That means handouts to automobile makers, oil companies, defense contractors, bankers and real estate agents plus some kickbacks to personal friends so they can continue enjoy owning people and their livelihoods while making a profit at their expense.

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Monday, January 17

Laura Bush to Turn Attention To Family 

The AP fills us in:
"After four years of focus on early childhood education - reading to youngsters, visiting schools and recruiting new teachers - she's now talking about working with substance-abusing juvenile delinquents as well."

Maybe she sees an opening now that Condi is performing in a new position.

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