Saturday, January 29

Bush Raises Airline Taxes 

So says the AP:

"A fee charged to airline travelers to help pay for airport security would more than double under President Bush's spending proposal for the Homeland Security Department.

Bush's plan calls for boosting the security fee from $2.50 to $5.50 for a one-way airline ticket and from a maximum of $5 to $8 for multiple legs. The hikes are expected to generate $1.5 billion."

Bush calls it a "fee", not taxes.

Your income tax will not change. There may be some income fees, though.

Bush: The Great Re-namer.

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Friday, January 28


Bush talks about his love of Condo in public:

"'Laura and I are honored to be here. Over the past four years, America has benefited from the wise counsel of Dr. Condoleezza Rice and our family has been enriched by our friendship with this remarkable person. We love her -- I don't know if you're supposed to say that about the Secretary of State. "

Bush loves Condo, Bush loves Condo..... nyah, nyah, na, nyah, nyah.

"My husb...."

Surprising that the Christain right isn't alarmed that their false prophet is gettin' down, outside of his bond of marriage. With someone of another race, no less.

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Thursday, January 27

Bush Really Really Really Wants to Steal Social Security 

Getting desperate, Mr. President?

"President Bush acknowledged the dicey politics of Social Security as he urged Congress to approve his plan to add personal accounts to the system. With the system in financial straits, he said, any political price is worth paying."

Any price is worth paying. Think about that. Why would any price be worth paying? Siphoning all of the Social Security money to his friends and family is a big-time heist. It's stealing the Crown Jewels, the Hope Diamond, and Cindy Lou Who's candy cane all at the same time.

It wipes out protection for people as they age, a cruel and heartless maneuver.

Hey, Bush... we already have personal accounts in addition to Social Security. They are called bank accounts. Those with money add to it and supplement their retirement. Some have even added Personal Privatized Stock Accounts, whereby they add extra wealth in the form of stocks, bonds, and Treasury notes. Everything is there. And Social Security is not in crisis. There is no problem, other than you.

Truth is, he doesn't want to add anything to Social Security. He wants to destroy it and take all the money - it's his guiding manner with all things. It is the life of a criminal and a liar.

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Wednesday, January 26

Bush To Tell America He's Stealing Their Social Security Money 

From a press conference today:

"'I am going to continue to speak directly to the American people about this issue,' he said"

No mention of listening to the American people. Just tell them.

See, Bush would like everyone to just shut up and take it, no matter what. He hopes to race this issue along so no one can think about the ramifications. He blew it bigtime once, and now is going to try to re-do it, by changing some words here and there. It isn't privatization - it's a personal savings account. Or a family benefit package. Or Clear Skies. Trust us, we'll be greeted as liberators. It will bring tears to your eye.

If he doesn't get his way to destroy Social Security, you can bet that it will be an executive order, or a midnight addition snuck into some other bill. He's going to take the money one way or another. Nothing will stop him.

The goal is to steal all of the kazillions of dollars in the Social Security coffers. he can see the dollars sitting there, and it angers him that he can't have it to share with his friends. I mean, look at all that money. Free, for the taking! If only the country wasn't against this....

A thief, plain and simple. Commander in Thief, to be exact.

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Monday, January 24

Bush Makes a Funny 

Dan Froomkin fills us in on a joke the president told a group of friends when no press was around:

"On his family: 'Because of the inauguration, we have a lot of Bushes here tonight... George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, Jeb Bush, George Prescott Bush, Marvin P. Bush, Laura Bush, William H.T. Bush, Doro Bush Koch and John Ellis Bush Jr.

'Or, as we are known within the family: 41, 43, 44, 45, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, and Marvin.'"

A laugh riot, that guy.

The thing is, he wasn't joking. It is the family's plan.

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