Saturday, February 12

Mob Bosses Meet 

From the AP we find Kissinger getting chummy with Putin. I wonder what they are planning?
"'I'm a good friend of President (George W.) Bush and a strong supporter of his foreign policy. I know what a good opinion he has of you,' said Kissinger, 81, adding that he was visiting in a personal capacity.

'We have friends in common,' Putin replied."

This comes just a week after Condo warned Putin about Democracy. Good cop bad cop, perhaps?

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Friday, February 11

Don't Mess With American's Tea 

Well, not if recall the last time people messed with American's tea. They got a revolution. The AP says Bush's team is trying to stop a religiuos use of tea:
"The appeal from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales argues that a lower court was wrong to allow the Brazil-based O Centro Espirita Beneficiente Uniao do Vegetal to import and use the hoasca tea as part of its religious services.

'The court's decision has mandated that the federal government open the nation's borders to the importation, circulation and usage of a mind-altering hallucinogen and threatens to inflict irreparable harm on international cooperation in combating transnational narcotics trafficking,' the filing states.

The church, which has about 140 members in the United States and 8,000 worldwide, said the herbal brew is a central sacrament in its religious practice, which is a blend of Christian beliefs and traditions rooted in the Amazon basin."

Stories tell us that the only thing one can do when drinking this tea is to sit and look at giant snakes that come to visit everyone who hashad some.

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Tuesday, February 8

The Job of the Future 

Get trained now for the only job, other than food service and cashier, that will be available in 5 years. The Ap fills us in:
"Of 344 community colleges that answered a survey last fall, the Washington-based American Association of Community Colleges found that about 65 percent had reviewed or modified their curriculum in response to increased homeland security training needs.

At Oakland Community College in Michigan, a training center completed last year includes a mock city where emergency first responders can train. The Combined Regional Emergency Services Training center has a fake convenience store, hotel and houses. It also has buildings where fires can be set and areas for practicing hazardous spill responses or confined space rescue training."

Fake stores, hotels, and houses. Fake emergencies. Fake rescues.

But real money. There's more money in pretend prevention than a real cure. (When was the last time medical companies cured a disease?)

Mom, can you send me, uh, $6,000. I just HAVE to have a new biohazard suit or I'll fail!

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Permanent Peace in Middle East, Really. 

The AP tells us 2000 years of bloodshed in the Middle East is now over:

"Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas declared Tuesday that their people would stop all military and violent attacks against each other..."

Phew! I thought it was ingrained and generational, sparked by opportunism and hatred.

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Sunday, February 6

Scalia Makes a Funny 

Campaigning for Supreme Court Justice is hard work. Good to relieve pressure whenever possible:

"It was Justice Antonin Scalia's standard speech. He bemoaned the Supreme Court's growing political role in cases such as abortion, then joked about how Democrats are wary of a 'Chief Justice Scalia' in a second Bush term.

But in an appearance one week after President Bush's re-election, Scalia elicited a particularly hearty roar and ovation from a conservative Federalist Society crowd with his kicker.

'Please,' a clearly pleased Scalia said. 'It was supposed to be funny!'"

Ha ha ha. Oh, it hurts.

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