Saturday, February 19

Mungo Bush 

The AP tells us of our President pondering a name change:

"Can you imagine if my name had been Mungo Bush?" the president joked Friday when a British reporter asked him to autograph a book for his son, Mungo. Bush seemed amused by the name.

Then he told a weird little tale about his time spent as a Scottish sheep farmer.

"'I worked there as a 14-year-old kid,' Bush said. 'I went from Texas to Scotland to work on a sheep farm. I'm riding a bike. ... A big tour bus stops. They got off and a woman with a Texas accent (said): 'Look at the little Scottish boy!'

'I kept my mouth shut,' Bush said."

This is just plain strange. Strange that it happened. Strange that he wanted to tell this story.

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Friday, February 18

Bush Gleeful Takes Away Another Right of Citizens 

The AP tells us of a joyous Bush, eager to rapidly protect big business doing harm to their customers health and safety and to the environment:
"The president has described class-action suits as often frivolous. Businesses complain that state judges and juries have been too generous to plaintiffs.

The bill 'will help protect people who are wrongfully harmed while reducing the frivolous lawsuits that clog our courts, hurt the economy, cost jobs, and burden American businesses,' Bush said."

Not quite right, Mr. Bush. It will protect big corporate pigs - not people.

And it cuts out one of the only remedies a real, living person has when they are harmed by big business practices and errors.

Why is this good for Bush? In addition to a big favor for his super rich friends and family, it forces cases into the much smaller, more easily controlled, stacked, and manipulated federal system. It means it will be even easier to fight class action suits, so that they can never be won.

It puts them one notch closer to the Supreme Court, too, so they can appeal more quickly if for some reason things go against them.

We all know Bush has been stacking the federal courts with extremists and he has plans to make over the Supreme Court as soon as he can. This move helps him avoid needing to put handpicked cronies into all judgeships - it is much easier to do just the federal level. Less work and more control.

So, your class action suit probably won't materialize now. If it does it will first be heard by federal GOP operatives. If you win, you will then be challenged to go before the GOP Supreme Court on appeal. And there they will do what the Party expects them to do.

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Wednesday, February 16

Bad Thing Liked Better With Different Name 

The White House has found that changing thename, not the proposal, is all that is needed to fool stupid Americans into giving away all their Social Security to Bush pals (you know, like Ken Lay types). The AP says:

"Polling data included in the Senate GOP Social Security material notes that support for Bush's overall plans is higher if they are described as personal accounts than if they are called privatization. 'The consequences of inadequate messaging could be devastating,' lawmakers were warned.

Inadequate messaging. The horrors! (Lesson one for the opposition. Keep calling it privatization and they'll go nowhere.)

The same poll indicates younger voters 'are very unsatisfied with the current Social Security system, and older voters are very satisfied.' As a result, changes of the type Bush favors draw strong support from younger voters, and opposition from seniors overall."

Wow. That says a lot. People using and relying on the system like it; those with no experience whatsoever and little life experience really don't think it is doing much for them.

Will the young people of America give all their future earnings to Bush and his friends? Or will they make sure they get it back at the other end? Keep watching as the world's greatest heist gets underway, and the greedy pawing and drooling over all that money just sitting there is turned up a notch.

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Monday, February 14

Wal Mart Gets Special Deals With Justice Department 

Daily Kos points out:

"Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer agreed to pay $135,540 to settle federal charges that it violated child labor laws in Connecticut, Arkansas and New Hampshire. As part of the agreement, revealed yesterday after it was secretly signed in January, the Labor Department agreed 'to give Wal-Mart 15 days' notice before the Labor Department investigates any other 'wage and hour' accusations, like failure to pay minimum wage or overtime.'"

This should be extended to everyone in the country. 15 days warning before the police kick in your door and search your house. 15 days warning before having the IRS investigate your taxes. 15 days before investigators come and search your place for murder clues.

In fact, why not just get rid of the Justice Department? All those laws just get in the way of being unethical.

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