Saturday, March 5

Rich Criminals Have So Many Problems 

The AP says Martha Stewart has choices to make:
"It wasn't clear which of several houses on the estate Stewart, 63, would choose for her confinement."

The rough life of the criminal...

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Friday, March 4

The White House Gives 'Em Away Free, Dude 

The AP tells us of a man in trouble for trying to profit from selling the names of spies:
"A federal grand jury has indicted an Indiana man on charges he tried to sell names of U.S. intelligence operatives in Iraq to Saddam Hussein's government before the U.S. invasion."

Silly man. Only the White House can make a profit from releasing the names of spies.

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Tuesday, March 1

AG Profits From War 

The AP fills us in:

"John Negroponte, President Bush's choice for intelligence chief, is a multimillionaire who promised last year to sell stock in companies that have business stakes in Iraq's reconstruction, according to his financial disclosure reports.

It is unclear from two April reports, Negroponte's most recent filings, whether he followed through on sales of General Electric and other companies helping to rebuild Iraq, where he is U.S. ambassador. The White House did not immediately comment Monday."

Yes, uh-huh. Unclear. It is so difficult to see if someone sold investments. Darn near impossible, I'd say.

The Bush team sees the world as one big investment to manage. Their global economy is all about privatization. Can I own it? Give it to me! It's mine! It'll cost you...

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Monday, February 28

What Church Was That Again? 

The AP tells us to avoid church if we don't want to be murdered:

"Dennis L. Rader, the churchgoing family man arrested Friday, confessed to six killings, the source close to the investigation told The Associated Press on Sunday.

'The guy is telling us about the murders,' the source said on condition of anonymity."

Ahh, church-going morals. There is more:

"I never would have guessed in a million years," said a tearful Carole Nelson, a member of Christ Lutheran Church, where Rader was an usher and the president of the church council.

Usher and president! Good one. There must be more, though, right?

Rader, a married father of two, a Cub Scout leader and an active member of a Lutheran church, was anything but a recluse.

Married! Cub Scout leader! Outgoing!

I bet he was the type to tell people like me that I'm not good enough, that we aren't as moral as he. Very true. We aren't like him.

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