Saturday, March 12

The Rich Prefer the Poor Not To Eat 

The AP tells us:
"Cuts in food programs for the poor are getting support in Congress as an alternative to President Bush's idea of slicing billions of dollars from the payments that go to large farm operations."

They want to carve savings from nutrition and land conservation programs.

It's not republican or democrat - it is rich and poor. Until you get that basic concept, you will have more of the same.

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Friday, March 11

Poor Little Rich Kids 

Reuters shows us (again) it is hard to be rich:

"A Harvard University student's fledgling dorm-cleaning business faced the threat of a campus boycott on Thursday after the school's daily newspaper slammed it for dividing students along economic lines.

The Harvard Crimson newspaper urged students to shun Dormaid, a business launched by Harvard sophomore Michael Kopko that cleans up for messy students.

'By creating yet another differential between the haves and have-nots on campus, Dormaid threatens our student unity,' the Crimson said in an editorial.

'We urge the student body to boycott Dormaid.'"

Fighting over maids. Didn't their president say something like "women can pick up for men" at a recent conference?

It is such a problem. Some extra rich kids will have maids (the haves) while others who are only marginally rich will have to clean their rooms (have nots). Rather than pay for maid service for their fellow not-quite-as-rich students so everyone can have a maid, they let this discrepency exist, and it is dividing the campus!

It's completely unfair that some kids who had maids and will have maids can't have maids while at school. And others, who are working their way up to having maids, aren't allowed to experiment with them at college.

Life is so, like, totally unfair and stuff.

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