Friday, March 18

The Rich Say Trust Us 

The AP tells us of a very rich woman telling poor seniors to trust her:
"President Bush, his sales pitch for Social Security reform not yet winning over the nation, sought help on Friday from his mom.

Barbara Bush, wearing her trademark pearls, took the stage with the president and another of her sons, Gov. Jeb Bush. "

Take the word of someone who will never need a Social Security check - you don't need your Social Security checks anymore, just give them to the nice banker men.

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Monday, March 14

Should I Put Food on the Table...  

Ah, the choices. Should we try to help people eat or have shelter, or should we buy a pageant of 50+ lovely ladies in swimsuits? The AP tells us that it is an easy decision for the rich:
"Trump has approached the Miss America Organization about buying the famous pageant, which is fighting for survival after being dumped by ABC because of declining ratings."

See, this makes business sense, because he already owns a lot of the Miss Universe Pageant.

Isn't there some part of the Bible that warns of times when rich men buy women's pageants out of boredom?

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Sunday, March 13

Church Is Dangerous 

The AP warns us:
Neighbors said Ratzmann was a devout churchgoer and avid gardener who built his own greenhouse and shared homegrown vegetables with his neighbors. Shane Colwell, who talked to him regularly, called Ratzmann 'so calm and so mellow.'"

He walked into his church and killed seven people before killing himself.

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