Saturday, March 26

Another Rich Person Ripping Off America 

The Washington Post tells us of a a great rich guy that everyone loved - who cheated the country out of $200 million dollars.

Zzylch, as millionaire Washington telecom mogul Walter C. Anderson once jokingly called himself, was in negotiations with Russian officials to lease their moribund orbiting spacecraft, Mir. They needed money. He had plenty.

So there he was leaving Reagan National Airport in October 1999 on his $21 million airplane with gold-trimmed interior, full wet bar, a pizza and a game of Risk.

"It was hilarious," recalled a friend who made the trip. "Just some guys drinking a beer, playing a board game and on their way to get their own space station."

"It was the grandest adventure," the friend said. "Bunch of guys living a dream."

Four and half years later, the laughter and dreams have faded. The Mir spacecraft was "deorbited" to a fiery death in 2001, after Anderson spent millions trying to save it. He shed his interest in the jet after it burned through $4,000 of fuel one day idling on the runway. And late last month, he was charged by the federal government with evading more than $200 million in income taxes. Prosecutors called him the biggest income tax cheat in U.S. history.

The rich are the problem, not the solution. They are against playing fair, contributing their share, and being concerned for the well being of others.

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Thursday, March 24

Give Us Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Water Supply 

The AP tells us of a big, bad corporation doing what they do best - trying to manipulate and steal:

"A judge scrapped a deal under which a former lumber town planned to sell more than a half billion gallons of spring water annually to Nestle, ruling that its environmental impact should have been studied.

The judgment this week effectively halts the town of McCloud's plans to sell water to Nestle for a proposed $120 million water bottling plant that supporters said would revitalize the village at the base of Mount Shasta.

The deal would have given Nestle, the world's largest food and beverage company, up to 521 million gallons of the town's drinking water for as little as $300,000 a year. The 50-year deal could be extended for a century with little control by the unincorporated town."

Yes, we need big corporations to come "revitalize" all the communites they've destroyed by sending jobs overseas. What better way to revitalize than to steal the water supply of a town? Just sign here, little town, and we'll have a 150 year deal that you'll have little control over.

What a great rate, too. Over 1700 gallons for a dollar. And they will turn around and sell it for $1 a pint.

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