Tuesday, May 10

Speaks For Himself 

Dan Froomkin says that Bush provides answers:
"'...Q Latest surveys show that the numbers of terrorism are increasing, not decreasing.


'Q Why is that?


'Q You have made a lot of efforts.

'THE PRESIDENT: Yes, that's why...."

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Rich Gay Hating Republican Appears to Be Gay 

Reuters talks about hypocrisy, without even mentioning the word! Another one of those well-off Republican freaks doing what they like to do, in secret:
"Spokane's Republican mayor took a leave of absence on Monday after officials seized a city computer in his home to investigate whether he used it illegally to solicit sex on gay Web sites.

Mayor James West, 54, a former state legislator known for his strong positions against gay rights and teen sex, said in a statement last week that he had explored homosexual relationships online. But he described himself as a 'law-abiding citizen' said he had not broken the law."

Don't worry. It was nice normal stuff - when he led a Boy Scout Troop, it was boy scouts. Now he's moved on to high school boys.

Oh, yeah... there was something about trusting Republicans with your future, but that got lost in the message.

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