Saturday, May 28

Wonderful Wealthy Guy Is A Criminal 

The AP tells us:
"A wealthy philanthropist who has given millions of dollars to concert halls in Europe and the United States has been jailed on federal fraud charges alleging he used an investor's money 'as a personal piggy bank.'
Alberto William Vilar, whose personal net worth was estimated at about $950 million, is charged with engaging in business practices that were fraudulent, deceptive and manipulative, federal officials said Friday. He was arrested Thursday and ordered held without bail pending a hearing, authorities said."

Is there any other way to be rich other than being a criminal?

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Rich People Like Stealing From Poor 

Reuters tells us about a fund for diabled workers, and how the head of that fund managed its assets:
"The manager of the rare coin investment undertaken since
1999 has been Toledo coin dealer Thomas Noe, a big contributor
to state Republicans and the campaign of President (George W.)

The Toledo Blade newspaper revealed this year that a few
rare gold coins were missing from the portfolio, but an
inventory has since shown the loss is between $10 million and
$12 million."

$12 million richer, he has decided to resign from the fund. $12 million poorer, the disabled workers fund is being investigated.

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Thursday, May 26

Quote of the Day 

The Washington Post/Reuters wins with this quote from the Jackson trial:
"'I'm going to deny the request to bring in evidence of the blemished penis,' said Melville. 'The prejudicial effect would far outweigh the probative value.'"

The trials of the wealthy...

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