Wednesday, August 3

Judy, Judy, Judy 

Editor and Publisher has a funny one:
"The board of The American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) has voted unanimously to reverse an earlier decision to give its annual Conscience in Media award to jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller, E&P has learned.

The group's First Amendment committee had narrowly voted to give Miller the prize for her dedication to protecting sources, but the full board has now voted to overturn that decision, based on its opinion that her entire career, and even her current actions in the Plame/CIA leak case, cast doubt on her credentials for this award. "

Her entire career cast doubt. Ouch.

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Tuesday, August 2

Poor Rich Company Pays for Enron 

The NYTimes tells us:

"A Canadian bank accused of helping Enron defraud investors agreed today to pay $2.4 billion in the third and largest settlement to date in the class-action lawsuit against Enron's former advisers.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, or CIBC, was a lesser-known adviser to Enron, but its payment tops both the $2.2 billion settlement with J.P. Morgan Chase and the $2 billion settlement with Citibank. Compared with the other two, CIBC is a small company with shallow pockets, and its steep settlement points to the rising cost of hesitation among Enron defendants."

You know, shallow pockets that can afford $2.4 billion dollars. How long does it take you to earn that much?

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