Friday, August 12

Rich Guy Defrauded Gov't by $1.4 Billion 

The NYT warns us again about being rich. It leads to crime:
"KPMG - along with banks, law firms and other financial institutions that assisted in creating and marketing the transactions - has been under investigation by a federal grand jury in Manhattan for about 18 months over its work on a number of shelters sold from 1996 to 2002 that investigators say cost the government as much as $1.4 billion in tax revenue.

The bank executive, Domenick DeGiorgio, 42, said in court yesterday that he participated in fraudulent tax shelter transactions while he worked in the New York office of the HVB Group, one of Germany's largest banks."

Why is that our schools aren't doing well and we can't fund social programs? Oh, rich people steal from everyone...

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Thursday, August 11

Rich Guy Is Both Criminal and Republican 

The Washington Post tells us about Tom Delay's close personal friend starting down the path to jail:
"Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff and a business partner were indicted by federal grand jury in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday, charged with five counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy in their purchase of a fleet of Florida gambling boats from a businessman who was later killed in a gangland-style hit.

Abramoff, 46, was arrested in Los Angeles in the late afternoon and was expected to be taken before a U.S. magistrate there on Friday. He was indicted along with Adam Kidan, the former owner of the Dial-a-Mattress franchise in Washington. Kidan, 41, of New York City, will surrender to the FBI here by Friday morning, his attorney, Martin I. Jaffe, said in a written statement."

Mamas, don't let your kids grow up to be rich republicans. It is a life of crime.

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Another Rich Person is a Criminal 

The AP tells us of another nice rich person... going to jail for being a criminal. Are there any rich people who aren't criminal?

"Former WorldCom finance chief Scott Sullivan was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison for his high-ranking role in the largest accounting fraud in U.S. history.Sullivan became the fifth WorldCom executive to be sentenced to prison in the $11 billion scandal. His sentence is topped only by that of ex-CEO Bernard Ebbers, who got 25 years."

Scottie kept lying to Wall Street about his company. He said it was a great company doing well. It wasn't.

Rich, criminal, and a liar.

How many more will we find?

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Wednesday, August 10

Rich People Paybacks From Rich President and Rich Congress 

Good to see us reaching out to the poor... people who require financial payback for their supposed good deeds:
"President Bush is signing a whopping $286.4 billion transportation bill that lawmakers stuffed with plenty of cash for some 6,000 pet projects back home."

Billions. Plenty of cash. Is this how it is in the world you live in? I didn't think so. Most people I know are barely getting by. None have billions and maybe one or two have plenty.

Alaska, the third-least populated state, for instance, got the fourth most money for special projects - $941 million - thanks largely to the work of its lone representative, House Transportation Committee Chairman Don Young. That included $231 million for a bridge near Anchorage to be named "Don Young's Way" in honor of the Republican.

How quaint. A $231 million dollar bridge named after himself. That's a big help to America when food prices are skyrocketing, people can't afford to commute to work anymore, and people like Don Young are making decisions. About himself.

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