Saturday, September 10

Bush To Hunt and Kill Water and Wind 

In addition to contuing to give contracts to cronies for clean up and rebuilding in New Orleans, making them billions of dollars in the process, Bush has named our new enemy (there must be an enemy):
"'Today, America is confronting another disaster that has
caused destruction and loss of life. This time the devastation
resulted not from the malice of evil men, but from the fury of
water and wind,' Bush said in his weekly radio address."

This is all about class. Bush and his rich friends run a mob. They are heavily invested in rebuilding companies, so any disaster that can possibly be made worse means more money for them. They plan to rebuild New Orleans in their own image... replacing the poor with casinos and shopping centers.

The super rich are out to get the rest of us. Upper middle class white people and "the american dream" are being used as pawns and as cover. Kanye wasn't correct about Bush not liking black people... he doesn't like anyone who isn't super rich.

We have storm troopers. We have Darth Vader. How much more will stupid upper middle class white people fall for this? Why do they go along, leting them hurt the rest of us so badly?

It's the money, plain and simple.

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Wednesday, September 7

If New Orleans is Damaged Enough, Houston Can Lift Sagging Property Market 

From This Modern World, a little economic boost for poor ol' Houston. We all know the Bush family doesn't have any interest in Houston...

"Perhaps no city in the United States is in a better spot than Houston to turn Katrina's tragedy into opportunity. And businesses here are already scrambling to profit in the hurricane's aftermath.

Oil services companies based here are racing to carry out repairs to damaged offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico; the promise of plenty of work to do sent shares in two large companies,Halliburton and Baker Hughes, soaring to 52-week highs last week.

The Port of Houston is preparing for an increase in traffic as shippers divert cargoes away from the damaged ports of Pascagoula, Miss., and New Orleans.

Owners of office space here are witnessing a surge in leasing as New Orleans companies, including that city's oldest bank, scramble to set up new headquarters in Houston, helping to shore up its sagging property market.

With brio that might make an ambulance-chaser proud, one company, National Realty Investments, is offering special financing deals 'for hurricane survivors only,' with no down payments and discounted closing costs."

Mmm. Rich people. Halliburton. Property. Shipping. Profits.

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