Wednesday, September 28

Rich Guy Politician Indicted in Campaign Finance Probe 

Another one in trouble, this time for laundering funds. And he's a big shot Republican politician, too, according to the Washington Post:
"In the indictment, DeLay is accused of conspiring with two associates who have already been indicted: John Colyandro, the former executive director of a political action committee in Texas that was formed by DeLay, and Jim Ellis, the head of DeLay's national political committee.

At the heart of the case are corporate contributions of about $190,000 that prosecutors allege were essentially laundered by DeLay and his associates through transfers from a federal fund into a state fund."

Yes, "a campaign financing scheme involving allegedly illegal use of corporate funds." Nice that he's such an upstanding example of moral values. It takes quite a person to conspire with associates to violate campaign finance laws. So nice when people play fair, isn't it.

Now go to jail.

Again, if you have money, get rid of it. It leads to no good!

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