Tuesday, October 25

Rich People Are Vapid and Unimaginative, Say the Rich 

The Washington Post tells us of the pressing problems and concerns of rich, suburbanites:
"'We never discuss politics,' said Nina Kraemer, who was hosting a scrapbooking get-together at Dominion Valley's sports complex the other night. 'I don't know, I guess something would have to spawn a conversation for one to occur. We talk about traffic -- we talk about that to the nth degree. We're afraid to go to the Target because we might not get back to the bus stop on time' to meet the children after school."

A scrapbook get-together. How charming. People are dying around the world, people are starving, there is corruption in high levels of government, gas prices are rising, global warming is showing its hand, and these folks talk about how rough it is driving around through their sprawl in SUV's.

Maybe. Or maybe they'll shop at Target - the store that prevented a woman from getting emergency contraception because target supports Civil Rights of pharmacists to do whatever they please if it is their religion.

The article says that these people believe that their government is their homeowner's association. That would be the group that says "no political signs" on your front lawn, lest it upset your well-off neighbors who don't want thought entering their tiny brains.

They've built their own prison, and cannot escape:
Craft and Perilla strained to name many issues that weighed on them heavily. "There's the quality of schools," said Perilla, without much enthusiasm.

"Yeah, but there aren't really troubles in the schools," said Craft, pointing out that they are too new. "Traffic and golf scores, those are the two big topics."

"There was the timing of the gate," Perilla said, "community issues like that. But if it doesn't affect you personally, you don't have to think about it, unfortunately."

"You don't have to leave here," said her neighbor, laughing. "That's the key. You don't have to leave -- it's almost scary."

Rather than deal with problems of inequality, these upper income softies run away and seal themselves off for protection. They hide their children away. They want to be with people who are just like them.

"It sounds awful," Perilla said, "but it was turning into a more working-class neighborhood. More pickups -- not that there's anything wrong with that. . . . There were problems we didn't want to deal with -- at least on a personal level."

Ew, working class people. Ick! Run for the hills! Pave the historic battlefield! Put up the gates! Hide! Discuss traffic!

It is truly sad to see so many of our fellow Americans lost. The only thing that matters to them is something artifical and unreal - money. Sure, they pat themselves on the back and make a donation to an officially approved needy person, but wouldn't lift a finger to change the situation for that person permanently.

Money addicts are destroying the country. It is time for the "War on Money Addiction". It is creating empty souls who do nothing other than commit crimes or waste everyone else's fresh air.

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