Wednesday, November 2

Rich Guy Abuses Poor, For Fun 

Salon tips us off to the fun and merriment awaiting you if you become very, very rich:

"Stavros Niarchos III -- Greek shipping scion, Paris Hilton toy -- may actually be as insufferable as he sounds on paper. Stopping at a Burger King after yet another night spent being a super-wealthy, party-hopping heir, 'Stavros offered a homeless man outside $100 to dump a soda on himself,' a source told Us Weekly. The guy accepted the offer 'and everyone laughed.'"

Everyone had a great time. Dance, monkey! Bring me the Jester! Better than a lap dance, or firing someone...

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Rich Guy Needs Nothing 

Dan Foomkin tells us of a rich guy who doesn't need a thing. I think you know him:
"' 'Es todo,' Bush told the Spanish-speaking reporter, meaning the handkerchief was all. 'No dinero, no mas. No wallet.''

He doesn't need any cash, since his staff takes care of buying anything he might need. He carries no cell phone, either, since he is surrounded by aides who take care of dialing his calls. And why would he need keys since every door is held open for him and his car comes with a driver trained by the Secret Service?'"

Doesn't need any cash. How nice. Everything he wants is bought for him. Doors are literally opened. His clothes are as empty as he is.

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