Sunday, December 4

Rich Country Singer Prefers Bluejeans for $1000 

Theres a rich white woman who sings country music. She tries to wear preppy clothing when going out, so she can go unrecognized.

According to the AP, she likes orginary things:
"Wearing a T-shirt advertising the Nashville, Tenn., boutique Flavour, (Gretchen) Wilson said she would rather spend $1,000 on pairs of blue jeans than a pair of fancy shoes."

I'd rather pay about $30 for blue jeans. $1,000 for jeans? Either she is enormously fat and needs pants the size of Texas, or her denim makers union is good at bargaining.

This is a good example of a rich person starting to lose it. Wilson would be best served by quitting now and giving away her money before she ends like the other rich people.

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