Tuesday, December 13

Really Rich Guy Feels No Remorse For Stealing 

Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall points out story in which one really super rich guy doesn't give a rat's ass about his crimes:

"Lay blamed former Enron executives Andrew Fastow and Michael Kopper for despicable and criminal deeds that brought down the company. 'We did trust Andy Fastow and sadly, tragically, that trust turned out to be fatally misplaced,' he said.

Flanked on the podium by Texas and U.S. flags, and a gold and red-themed Christmas tree, Lay read from a prepared text in which he attacked the Enron Task Force and Justice Department for prosecuting the accounting firm Arthur Andersen, destroying the company and then dropping the case. He said the task force has been attempting to criminalize normal business practices.

Lay said most of what has been reported about the company has been false or distorted, and attributed its collapse to the financial community. The company's trading partners lost confidence in Enron, Lay said, clearly signaling a ``run on the bank'' defense."

Yes, it was the fault of the financial community and Justice Department. Enron otherwise would have been a fine, noble cause.

He said this to a sold-out audience of other rich people. They jingled their jewelry in joy at hearing his wonderful words.

Don't foget, Ken, that being rich is dangerous territory. Only a few survive. The others go to jail.

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