Sunday, December 18

Rich Bush Supporters Are Increasingly Just Criminals 

This comes from the Toledo Blade and confirms what we've been saying for quite a while. People at the top, the very, very rich, are criminals. Read for yourself:
"Federal and state authorities are investigating the Bush Pioneers and Rangers, individuals who raised at least $100,000 or $200,000 for President Bush's re-election, for bribery, money laundering, stock manipulation, and extortion.

Democrats have said that as investigations continue, there will be 'enough [convictions] for their own prison softball team.'

'The Republican culture of corruption, it knows no bounds. It's a deterioration of values.' said Amaya Smith, a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee."

The DNC are no angels and have their own super rich people to watch out for, so this would be better stated as "The rich person's culture of corruption..." but the point is made once again.

Got lots of money? You better start composting it and putting it back into circulation. Hoarding at extreme levels is dangerous for you, and for those around you. You will become corrupt. You will do awful things. You will be surrounded by criminals, and it rubs off. The disease spreads. You will be infected.

Make those donations! Get rid of it. You are wrecking things for everyone else, but too greedy to even see the damge you do.

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