Tuesday, February 14

Rich Republican Faces 172 Years In Jail 

Which one, you ask? So many to choose from...

A Bush Pioneer and Republican Party chairman, says the Toldeo Blade:

"Within hours of gaining control of $25 million from the state of Ohio in 1998, Tom Noe began stealing it, according to a 53-count indictment unsealed yesterday.

He did not stop, the indictment states, until state officials shut down his coin funds last spring.

The indictment by a Lucas County grand jury alleges that Mr. Noe laundered and stole more than $3 million from the rare-coin investment funds he managed for the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

If convicted of all charges and sentenced to the maximum penalties, Mr. Noe could face 172.5 years in prison. "

He began stealing it immediately. That means it was his plan to get the gig, and the loot. It's standard modern Republicanism at work. Theft. Stealing. Lying. Crimes. Shooting someone in the face. Racketeering.

It's so sad to see so many people on their way to being rich and criminal. If only they could break their greedy habits. They can't until they are arrested.

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