Friday, March 3

Former Rich Person Cunningham Asks for Leniency 

The Washington Post fills us in on formerly rich and lovin' it Duke Cunningham:
""His own misconduct has already left him penniless, homeless, estranged from those he loves and disgraced in the eyes of his countrymen,' Cunningham's lawyers wrote in a sentencing memorandum.

Prosecutors have also asked that Cunningham be ordered to pay nearly $1.6 million in taxes and forfeit his interest in a 7,628-square foot mansion he sold in December for $2.6 million.

The staggering details of Cunningham's wrongdoing surpass anything in the history of Congress, Senate and House historians said. His bribes included a Rolls-Royce, a yacht, homes, travel, meals, Persian rugs valued at $40,000 each and various antique furnishings.

'In the sheer dollar amount, he is the most corrupt,' said Deputy House Historian Fred W. Beuttler. 'The scale of it is unprecedented.'"

Shall we feel sorry for him? Hardly. Does he need to pay a bit more... for his crimes? Yes.

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Wednesday, March 1

Out of Touch Rich Woman 

Atrios tells us of a rich woman who should know better - she says she advocates for the poor, but is having trouble mustering the courage to support janitors that need a bit of extra cash. Head over to her house and live in her world for a moment:
"Two weeks ago, The New York Times Magazine printed an interview with Shalala, who was photographed amid the splendor of her 9,000-square-foot presidential residence, where she lives with her dog, Sweetie.In the interview, Shalala describes, among other things: ''Her perfect day'' (which begins with someone giving the university a $10 million donation and ends with her playing three sets of tennis), ''What she drives'' (a Lexus hybrid SUV), ''Favorite vacation spot'' (the kingdom of Bhutan) ''Her best recent purchase'' (a 1790 French country cabinet) and ''Possession that best defines her'' (a personal drawing by Susan Kapilow)."

Ick. Donna Shalala, former HHS secretary. On her way to being another bad rich person. So sad.

Give your money away and be free!

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Monday, February 27

Rich, Corrupt, Criminal Republicans 

TPM Cafe says that a rich guy was also a criminal. You must be shocked.
"Wade, 46, of Great Falls, Virginia, entered his guilty plea earlier today in U.S. District Court before the Honorable Ricardo M. Urbina to multiple felony counts related to his wholesale corruption of the defense procurement process. The conduct includes Wade making over $1 million in payoffs to then- Congressman Duke Cunningham, providing illegal benefits to Defense Department officials, and attempting to curry favor with two other members of Congress by making illegal campaign contributions."

Millions in payoffs. I wonder who... oh look... Katherine Harris, a corrupt Republican from Flodia who helped Bush steal an election got some of the money. How nice.

Republicans are criminals. It is a a big racket. If you become a big-time Republican, watch out! You will be going to jail one day and your crimes will be exposed. We're on to you, suckers. Mr. Wade is looking at 135 months of jail - over a decade.

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