Monday, April 3

Hastert and Snow Involved With Ohio Coin Fraud 

"Tis true, says the Toledo Blade:
"In May, 2003, the White House and House Speaker Dennis Hastert recommended that Mr. Noe get a seat on the influential 11-member committee. Treasury Secretary John Snow appointed Mr. Noe, less than six months after the Toledo-area coin dealer expressed interest in joining a Mint committee to Henrietta Fore, then director of the Mint.

"I have always had interest in getting more involved on the national level," Mr. Noe wrote to Ms. Fore.

Mr. Noe's appointment and eventual chairmanship of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee enabled him to expand his reach into the federal government, according to more than 2,700 pages of e-mails and other committee records released last week by the Mint to The Blade. The newspaper filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the public records in June, 2005.

Documents and interviews reveal that Mr. Noe -- who has pleaded not guilty to a 53-count felony theft and corruption indictment for his handling of Ohio's rare-coin fund and not guilty to federal charges that he laundered money to President Bush's re-election campaign -- courted Mint officials at high-price restaurants in Washington, sought information on behalf of fellow coin dealers about future coins to be minted, and pushed the Mint and lawmakers to use higher-grade metals in the nation's coins."

Ahh. To be rich, and corrupt. And in Congress. Able to do whatever you want. Then get caught.

Good thing it isn't anyone important - just the Treasury Secretary and Speaker of the House.

Money is a weapon.

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