Tuesday, April 11

Rich Guy Screwed By Insurance 

The AP tells us that Senator Trent Lott is upset that insurance companies --surprise, surprise -- are not fully compensating people for hurricane damages.

"Like thousands of Gulf Coast homeowners, Lott's claim was denied because State Farm concluded that Katrina's flood water demolished his beach-front Pascagoula home. State Farm says its policies do not cover damage from rising water, including wind-driven water.

But lawyers for the Mississippi Republican claim Bloomington, Ill.-based State Farm has routinely pressured its engineers to alter 'favorable' reports that initially blamed damage on hurricane's wind, which the company's policies cover."

Ahh, having to live in the country after making the rules. A little reality check for Senator Lott. See what is like to be a normal person? Big companies take your money for insurance, then don't pay it back when you make a claim.

Then you have to use that awful legal system, and those awful lawyers, to sue the company for damages- except that Republicans think that the market will take care of this and no lawsuits should be allowed and have made it nearly impossoble to have a lawsuit that means anything.

Good luck, Citizen Lott.

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