Friday, May 5

Big Dig, Big Money, Big Crimes 

The AP tells the world of some corrupt businessmen:
"The indictment of six men who worked for the Big Dig's largest concrete supplier is just a small step in the pursuit of contractors suspected of fraud on the multibillion-dollar highway project, authorities say.

The six current and former employees of Aggregate Industries were arrested Thursday on federal charges alleging they covered up the inferior quality of concrete delivered to the $14.6 billion project."

It seems they were paid a measly $105 million for the concrete, and used spots of substandard material for contruction of tunnels under Boston, which investigators say will have an effect on long-term maintenance.

The Defendants say the prosecuters are simply blaming the lowest level - the concrete manufacturers - in a search for billions of dollars in cost overruns. Prosecuters say they are just beginning to scratch the surface in their investigation.

One thing is clear - billions of dollars and many companies probably means lots of crime, as readers of this site are well aware. Stay tuned for more, I'm sure.

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