Monday, July 10

Lay Went to an Island 

Everyone was waiting for the open casket to see that the very wealthy criminal hadn't simply run away to a remote location, like a former Nazi might do. Well, they had the funeral and the casket was closed. He wasn't there. So says the AP
"Inside, there was a picture of Lay at the altar, flanked by sprays of sunflowers, according to Shelby Hodge, a writer for the Houston Chronicle who stepped inside and was swiftly escorted out."

Really, now. We have had no proof of this criminal's death, other than the word of people we don't know. And he wasn't seen at his funeral. Closed caskets are for messy deaths - open ones are for simple things, like his alleged heart attack.

The other option is that perhaps he blew his brains out, and hence no one can see him.

Which is it, Lay family? Troubled man and suicide or rich runaway?

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